Cognimates with Stefania Druga

Stefania Druga will present her work on Cognimates, a new open source platform that allows users to create, play and learn with and about AI through games, robot training and many other activities.






6 responses to “Cognimates with Stefania Druga”

  1. Asri Ramadhan Avatar

    I have a request, can you make a video explaining about Generative advesarial network ? Really appreaciate it dan! Thank you from Indonesia.

  2. Hanniffy Dinn Avatar

    Training the next generation of skynet programmers….!

  3. TheTasteful Toastie Avatar

    I was curious to find out the 'feel' of my tweet.
    Apparently "I have very mixed feelings!" is neutral :thinking:
    I suppose that makes some sort of sense 😛

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