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In this photoshop comic book effect tutorial i will show you how you can transform any regular photograph into a comic book cartoon. This video can also be followed by beginners too !!

First of all the image selection: if you are new to photoshop or doing the comic book effect for the first time i will suggest you to select an image with simple white background, that will make it easy for you to follow this tutorial, then i will advise you to go for complex images.

In the starting we will work by using smart objects, so that you can modify the applied filters anytime you want, even after saving the file and if you don’t have latest version of photoshop then you can still follow it but then you will not have the ability to change the filters once they are applied ( try using ctrl +z in those situations ).

Then i will show you a cool way to create half tone pattern that you will find in almost every comic book cartoon effect, and instead of just blending the pattern i will show a trick that mix it even better with highlights and shadows.

After that you will learn how to create a texture inside photoshop from nothing, and how to use that texture to make comic book effect even more amazing. And then like we do in almost every video i will show you how to do color grading and do some adjustment to finalize the effect.

That is it and if you create any of this effect, feel free to share this on our facebook page, i will be really happy to see your output.

So, I hope you learned something from this photoshop cartoon effect tutorial and as always if you have any questions feel free to ask me in the comments, and have some fun with photoshop 🙂

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10 responses to “comic book cartoon effect | photoshop tutorial”

  1. Shrimpyaab Avatar

    Thanks for the great tutorial!

    I made an action set based on the tutorial steps. I only changed the pattern scale and set it to 200%.

    To run the action:
    Window –> Actions
    Click the down arrow with 4 horizontal lines.
    Click Load Actions…
    Click the start of the action called Comic. It's the one under the main Comic set name and above Set Background.
    Click the Play button on the bottom of the Actions window.

  2. Ksenia Voitovich Avatar

    Thanks! It's very helpful and fast!

  3. BikeVisionScotland Avatar

    Hi, thanks for another great tutorial. How did you view both pictures side by side at the end of the video? many thanks…

  4. 3DMOVIES4YOU Avatar


  5. Param Singh Avatar

    thx a lot brother !!!!!

  6. Alley_7_Cat Avatar

    What do you use for photoshop I was looking for something to start of with

  7. Azmi Hidayat Avatar

    What if my background is not white? I cant make the selection

  8. Mariana Salazar Avatar

    Cuando cree el layer para la textura al final, no me deja rasterizar la capa… a que se puede deber?

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