Comment Types and Uses in the Java Language – Learn Java #3

In this video we cover all the comments in the Java language. Single line, Multi-line and JavaDoc. While Java supports many different types of comments, it is important to understand when and where you should choose one over another.

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8 responses to “Comment Types and Uses in the Java Language – Learn Java #3”

  1. Shawn Ali Avatar

    This is great but could you please zoom in if possible?

  2. David Israwi Avatar

    Hey! Great videos but one little detail: the tone at the beginning and end of the video is way louder than your voice, this forces me to change the volume in between or hear a very loud tone.

  3. FriendCast1 Avatar

    +DevFactor How do I download the program you have to start learning it.

  4. ripmyheadof Avatar

    Could you zoom into the bits where you type on the screen.

  5. crazyboy0602 Avatar

    Not to be pedantic but the comments are denoted by the forwards slash, not a backslash.

  6. Ryan Sheckler Avatar

    Since you're talking quite fast maybe you should post on screen text notes (think annotations) on keypoints or code

  7. afghooey23 Avatar

    Hey there, fairly new up and coming coder here haha, what program do you use for writing your code? I just was something that I can practice on.

  8. dfinsrud Avatar

    I believe the video cuts of to early…

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