Community Coding Projects

This short video presents two community coding projects for the viewers of The Coding Train to participate in. Watch the video and follow the links below to learn how to participate!

Community Coding Projects:

Community Clouds:
John Maeda’s 12 o’clocks:

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Links discussed in this video:
Processing Community Day:

The Coding Train website:

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For More Coding Challenges:
For an Intro to Programming using p5.js:






19 responses to “Community Coding Projects”

  1. DC design Avatar

    your amazing dude !!

  2. Cobain Ambrose Avatar

    I think I found an alternative for rotate() and translate() in p5.js… (still in Cartesian space)

  3. Marko Avatar

    So how about continuing neural nets

  4. guitarbrad Avatar

    I am simply curious. Are we done with coding in Processing now? It seems as if Daniel is doing all his videos using p5.js. I really liked coding challenges in Processing – I never learned p5.js tho. It just seems like things are headed that way – p5.js only.

  5. raspitun von bismarck Avatar

    Daniel — Where are the Neural Networks? I really enjoyed those. Did you lose interest? I bought the book you suggested in one of your videos and have learned a whole lot about the process, but I'm still looking for guidance and was disappointed when I checked your channel and saw nothing, not even a mention of what happened πŸ™

  6. Bear Avatar

    Hey can anyone help me? I want to download p5.js for my MacBook I just got but when I get on the page the downloads lead to me three boxes talking about donations and stuff. I just want the p5.js application just like how he has it in the videos. I want to follow along with the videos. If you can link me something to help or explain what to do it will be GREATLY appreciated. Thank you! Happy Friday!!!!

  7. Player Name Avatar

    Where's the new neural net tutorials? πŸ™

  8. Mr F0X Avatar

    Been watching your videos for awhile now, I'm learning Java with my degree and you're pushing me toward actually attempting this, despite being garbage at coding right now. I really want to give it a go. Can't wait!

  9. JoolsParker Avatar

    Not sure if the cloud demonstration page is broken? I get a box at the top of the browser with text saying "by by" in it, and a colour picker at the bottom of the browser – and that's it?! I'm using Safari on an iMac BTW.

  10. Nafana Avatar

    Love this idea πŸ˜€

  11. Haider Ali Punjabi Avatar

    I saw the title, and thought it was going to be about the progress on Community Projects, not declaring them to the public πŸ™ . Anyways, I suggest all the viewers to watch the live stream, because thats where you will get the news first. You might need to bear a lot of procrastination

  12. Misty Mega2000 Avatar

    much love for this channel

  13. Hero Faulkerson Avatar

    PLease make me your disciple πŸ˜€

  14. HABELFOC _ Avatar

    Can you make game only using JavaScript

  15. Ilya Murashov Avatar

    I thought it was a smudge on my screen

  16. Horzinicla Avatar

    Wasn't your name tye coding rainbow?

  17. Ragos Network Avatar

    how fast your internet connection bro?

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