Computer Networking Tutorial – 1 – What is a Computer Network?

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33 responses to “Computer Networking Tutorial – 1 – What is a Computer Network?”

  1. Jervik Lapsley Avatar

    Bucky what books you recommend??

  2. Prathmesh Jagtap Avatar

    Talk something educational buddy

  3. Emma Taylor Avatar

    I don't even use makeup that often myself–but the reason there are SO MANY FRIGGIN' MAKEUP TUTORIALS is because it's basically art. I'm not even trying to be arrogant about it–not only are there a ton of colors and tools to choose from, there are a lot of kinds of skintones, as well as just different kinds of faces, and thus, different elements of the face to enhance or draw attention away from.

    It's like asking why all art isn't just paintings of the Mona Lisa :3 Artists have different colors they want to use, different tools and media to take advantage of, and different things they want to communicate about themselves, society, the world…etc.

    But, that is a massive tangent from the point of your video–thank you for explaining more to me about Computer Networking than I knew yesterday! This will surely help me in my class :D.

  4. Rachel Lee Avatar

    BUCKY!! First you saved my Java grade, and now my C++ grade. Kudos to you man!

  5. Aaron Blalack Avatar

    lmao @ 1:40 "This is obviously a cell phone, kinda looks like a gun"

  6. Mridul Bapary Avatar

    you are so cool dude

  7. JSL Maimela Avatar

    bucky u helped me pass my html programming bruh. really great full

  8. Sajad Lateef Avatar

    thanks for this tutorial
    sajad from iraq


    keep it up bro nice video!!!

  10. En K Avatar

    Oh My God! Applying make up can be such a pain in the ass! You even have to understand shades and lights and warm and cool colors, and which color goes with wich other, and why! It's like so complex! (even though you can make it easy if you want xD) You can even change the way people perceive your faces shapes!!!! You can make your nose longer!!!!!!

  11. Syed Danial Akbar Avatar

    See how to configure "HOT STANDBY ROUTER PROTOCOL" on router so that network can work properly in case of orignal link failure

  12. Nami Hasegawa Avatar

    Why we have so many makeup tutorial looks. I think it's just cuz people get bored of the same looks and want to try new things. Also it's good to have a selection of makeup tutorials because everyone's face is different and makeup preference is different, so it's good to find a specific video you like.

  13. TriniTrav Avatar

    Makeup is a coping mechanism for girls.

  14. Gregory Joseph Olivo Cantillo Avatar

    That is quite an excelent introductory video! 😀
    Thank you!!!

  15. MrLuke1618 Avatar

    Can you tell me the name of the software you use to demonstrate those awesome pictures and texts you made, please ? Great videos, I love them, I'm a new fan. Thanks.


    your videos are fantastic and your humour too .Which editor you use to make your videos

  17. Aakash Kishore Avatar

    Who else is watching in 2017

  18. Joseph Glenn Avatar

    that girls joke was soo funny. and i hate how girls waste the bandwidth just for their stupid makeup, can't they do something better like coding.

  19. Pooja Samanta Avatar

    I just love your voice

  20. Emmalee Yvonne Avatar

    You've obviously never done your makeup. lol.

  21. Fulgerul Albastru Avatar

    hi there bucky 🙂 thc for the tutorials…and keep going ON !!! 🙂

  22. Dave Baines Avatar

    bucky are you also Maestro caplan ??

  23. Michelle Kim Avatar

    haahhhahahah trueee about the makeup

  24. Tieara Scott Avatar

    was i the only one thinking " what kind of phone is that" lmao where the sell those ??

  25. Justyna Avatar

    girls dont need that much makeup/beauty videos, the reason there are so many is a lot of girls simply want to become beauty/fashion vloggers. besides "the art of makeup" is probably a bit more complex than men realize (no offence) and everyone does it differently therefore they're fun to watch.

  26. akki mallick Avatar

    you are a life saver buddy
    bucky rocks
    newboston-the best tutorials you can get on youtube

  27. Nabila Kabir Avatar


  28. Drey Jay Avatar

    Bucky you're so so funny "why girls watch a lot of videos on how to put on make ups" so so funny……

  29. Macling Avatar

    "why so many cat videos and girls putting on make-up" xD YouTube 2k12 guys

  30. Cedar Waxwing Avatar

    The same reason why you have so many videos on computer networking… i mean you'll teach the same thing don't you?

  31. indraja reddy Avatar

    Bucky, why don't you have a community tab for your thenewboston channel?

  32. Bob Stone Avatar

    You are the best

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