Computer Networking Tutorial – 10 – What is a Protocol?

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37 responses to “Computer Networking Tutorial – 10 – What is a Protocol?”

  1. Brittany Lee Avatar

    I can't tell you how much I appreciate your style of teaching in this video. When you break it down, instead of forcing definitions down our throats, the information sticks. Never change! I will definitely be subscribing.

  2. Hold the door Avatar

    1:21 And the girl responds with: "I have a boyfriend."

  3. Matthew Bundesen Avatar

    This guys is obviously a virign. Doesn't know how to speak to girls.

  4. OsomoMojoFreak Avatar

    I disagree. "Bacon" is an appropriate response in any situation.

  5. Nez Mustafa Avatar

    Feminists would be chimping out over this video no doubt.

  6. Amit Singh Avatar

    Guy: "Hey"

    Girl: "I have a boyfriend"

  7. Mixalhs Span Avatar

    you make everything looks so easy…i follow you 2years,thnks for everything

  8. disley unbay Avatar

    no it is not a lot more interesting than computer networking. Disliked for this..

  9. thesituasian Avatar

    Title should be "Protocol for straight nerdy virgin forever"

  10. 49 Untitled Avatar

    The office humor you got going there is hilarious!! hmmm sucker!!! Andy

  11. Stephen Drake Avatar

    "sucka…" im dying

  12. Bob Loblaw Avatar

    assuming gender is binary
    assuming guys are blue and girls are pink
    assuming the guy will speak first

    I've never been so triggered in my life

  13. Ozzy C Avatar


  14. Kesong Xie Avatar

    Boy: Hey
    Girl: Becon

  15. Rando Klein Avatar

    Watch last 4 seconds and you're good to go

  16. 33aggi Avatar

    Excellent explenation! Thanks a lot

  17. Rafael Avatar

    When you wrote "Guys" it also looks like "boys", I'm mindblown.

  18. James F Avatar

    I would fall madly in love with a girl who responded to my "hey" with, "BACON!" ;-D

  19. m w Avatar

    that was an amazing video…

  20. Jonathan Krishna Avatar

    You wanna call it? Go ahead…. Suuuuucka!!! Lol

  21. Win Min Hein Tin Avatar

    for some reason I heard
    Taken and not bacon haha 😀

  22. Pouya Vagefi Avatar

    Boy: Hey…
    Girl: Bacon!!

  23. Jenya Sidyakin Avatar

    Bucky you are great teacher thanks

  24. samara sam Avatar

    your videos are very usefull thank you very much

  25. Ryan Zhou Avatar

    It's cool how you do the real world funny definition then you explain in tech terms. It's really helpful!!

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