Computer Networking Tutorial – 22 – How Binary Code Works

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42 responses to “Computer Networking Tutorial – 22 – How Binary Code Works”

  1. Alicia van Buren Avatar

    Hang on, so the first example was 19. But that can also mean the 19th letter. How do you tell if it's a number or a letter?

  2. Osadika Ezekiel Avatar

    Thank you very much, now i have a better understanding of how binary code works.

  3. Danny-Elite Avatar

    Thank you very much

  4. Gray Mohag Avatar

    This video helped me more, than other videos and my teacher.

  5. Zacattack Avatar

    well explained young fellow. Now about how early software was married to this binary system.

  6. Maitreyee Joshi Avatar

    You are not Bucky!!!

  7. Dayana Narvaez Avatar


  8. kevinzzz 123 Avatar

    512 mb ram?

    that's cute

  9. jvsnyc Avatar

    At just before 3:00 and then again at 5:22 — If you are unsigned, you can represent any number between 0 and 255, not 128. If you are signed in two's complement, which everyone uses now for negative numbers, the range is -128 thru 127.

  10. Traviltar Avatar

    This fucking blew my mind

  11. Dennis Pittman Avatar

    Thanks for the education

  12. Jet Gomez Avatar

    huh no wonder why a byte is 8 bits

  13. TehObLiVioUs Avatar

    Each tutorial the audio quality gets worse )':

  14. Bill Cipher Avatar

    8bit system is the exact reason why Pacman is gone at level 255

  15. Timothy Amarok Avatar

    You know so much. :3

  16. Dheemant Jallepalli Avatar

    then how to get negative no.

  17. benjamin Judkowicz Avatar

    i needed this for my left brain right brain idea fair tnx i did it on coding i needed the history tnx again

  18. Ryan Chesla Avatar

    definitely an older video compared to the other ones in the series. I can tell by the maturity of his voice!

  19. Claudia B Avatar

    Thank you so much I'm in class right now and the teacher gave us a worksheet in binary numbers

  20. Stephen Collins Avatar

    Thanks for the video, very simple and well thought out!

  21. Nathan Smith Avatar

    Dude you have no idea how much this helped me. THANK YOU!

  22. Saeed Mobayed Avatar

    Word on the street the reality we live in is an information system, that's why I'm watching this haha

  23. Dana Jones Avatar

    thank you so much, my ass hole friend sent me a code and told me to figure it out

  24. Herdley Ayton Avatar

    God damn buky!!! u teaching binary ,HTML, Css n java script. mak this man the president!!

  25. Mohit Raj Avatar

    very bad explanation

  26. Marty Sidlauskas Avatar

    fucking briliant mate

  27. Haley G Avatar

    Praise the Lord for people like you who are helping put this visual learner through college

  28. Defrexx Avatar

    But what if i want to convert binary to decimal

  29. amine CJ Avatar

    Thanks mate, it means alot

  30. NISSIPR Avatar

    i almost faint when you sneezed

  31. vani muff Avatar

    this was great, i also liked your previous video's in this playlist.

  32. Abimael  Rivera Avatar

    Bucky thanks!
    So simple and useful!
    Straight to the point!

  33. invisibleair Avatar

    I learn more from you than my professor….

  34. Doge Maximum Avatar


  35. Yurii Kalashnikov Avatar

    Thank you very much!!!!

  36. Loganroboteye Joyce Avatar

    i can do it in words it is a nine bit system

  37. Legitlyy Avatar

    Your cough gives me life. Thanks.

  38. NarThar Avatar

    "If they say my RAM has 512mb" you have a very slow computer

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