Computer Networking Tutorial – 28 – Connecting to a Server with PuTTY

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12 responses to “Computer Networking Tutorial – 28 – Connecting to a Server with PuTTY”

  1. timka2609 Avatar

    Am I only one who think about Groot when Bucky says "rooot" ? 😀

  2. Another guy on Youtube Avatar

    The F? Why is Bucky doing this? LOL!

  3. franchyze922 Avatar

    I'm trying to do this with a raspberry pi. I've set up a webserver but its only on my local ip address. How do I get the public ip?

  4. xjofficial Avatar

    how do u make a server to connect 2 ?

  5. Abhishek Kumar Avatar

    hey ,can i use putty in localhost…??

  6. xXFabryXx00 Avatar

    Hello you please do a tutorial on how to create a server using putty and a host, for minecraft


  7. Viral Mehta Avatar

    hey buddy i am big fan of yours
    i want to learn full cyberoam.
    Can you make a video for it?

  8. Eitan Asher Avatar

    sudo = super user , do

  9. Criipier Avatar

    Worth noting that Linux and Mac users don't need (or rather can't use) PuTTY / KiTTY. Just open up a new terminal session and type "ssh user@host", enter your password and you're done.

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