Computer Networking Tutorial – 37 – DHCP

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21 responses to “Computer Networking Tutorial – 37 – DHCP”

  1. Shivani Nayak Avatar

    Gonna rock that exams tomorrow cause of this tutorial! DHCP is not as difficult as it looks afterall!

  2. Patrascu Lucian Avatar

    "- You can't have any IP Adress!" – A router who is not in the mood

  3. Rashmi Singh Avatar

    great video…thanks!

  4. Hello World Avatar

    Great tutorial!

  5. abhi dhadhich Avatar

    thanks really helpful

  6. Muhammad Nauman Iqbal Avatar

    Please explain why the destination IP address of DHCP dicovers and offer all 1's ???

  7. imaczech Avatar

    One thing I want to mention, When DHCP server offer, it actually use UNICAST instead of BROADCAST, because the server already knew the MAC address of the PC, so it doesn't shout out to everybody, only to the specific one. This is what I am taught from my class

  8. Phúc Khôi Nguyễn Avatar

    Thank you very much, a very helpful tutorial with a very nice voice 😀

  9. Marty Brown Avatar

    Is a discover broadcast, or

  10. kyriakos zantis Avatar

    what if two laptop ""shout"" together and take one answer both for

  11. SFK MIG Avatar

    Ok so where does the router get it's IP?

  12. akshay singh Avatar

    just 800 more remaining bucky…for 1 million subscribers congrats in advance …
    please add more video of networking…

  13. Christopher Downie Avatar

    Why aren't you uploading these videos on your website

  14. Slowmo Avatar

    More Linux tutorials #hacking #eveything else too

  15. Jackson Welch Avatar

    Can you do more Android tutorials

  16. João Vitor Avatar

    the hard part is learn how to chose and use the colors

  17. Tech A.M Avatar

    I'm currently watching your videos on C++, and I just want to say a big thank you for making all of these videos! You are just amazing! Keep it up 🙂

  18. LicenseToTroll Avatar

    I truly enjoy ALL of Bucky's tutorials. I would be so if he made an Unreal Engine 4 tutorial and hopefully it's C++ API since that's where the power lies.

    ps: Like this post if you want Bucky to make an Unreal Engine 4 tutorial.

  19. 1nightst& Avatar

    you sir bucky roberts are a LEGEND

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