Computer Networking Tutorial – 4 – OSI Model Physical Layer

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46 responses to “Computer Networking Tutorial – 4 – OSI Model Physical Layer”

  1. nur siddiq Avatar

    ek nyeu teuman.wkwkwkwkwk

  2. Nikhil Kenvetil Avatar

    Anal! lol. And a nicer diagram to go with it. I see what you did there ^^

  3. Carter Smith Avatar

    all presidents say they never did pot

  4. Ramganesh Balan Avatar

    Please    Do    Not    Touch    Sophia's    Private    Area. (If you know what i mean)

  5. TntMooze Avatar

    I thought his cursor was drops on my ´screen -.-

  6. harshit agrawal Avatar

    Dude what if we want to send two 1 together like 11011

  7. crusty21 Avatar

    All – Application Layer
    People – Presentation Layer
    Seem – Session Layer
    To – Transport Layer
    Need – Network Layer
    Dominoes – Datalink Layer
    Pizza – Physical Layer

  8. Monty Al-Ibraheemi Avatar

    He laughed at Anal. lol
    Thanks for the video 

  9. Saeed Alghamdi Avatar

    dude just get your self a BOARD 

  10. H04X Avatar

    anal = analogue. genius 🙂

  11. Hassan Abdelhadi Avatar

    Binary representation in Analog signals isn't like that ! you can never transmit a message if it's like what you said, negatives and positives of the signal represent one state per each cycle. Modulation is used to do so.

  12. Diwakar Chandrasekaran Avatar

    Hay pal, nice work thanks… can u help me out I also wish to teach online as you do. but am not getting the software to scribble and record.. can you suggest the software u r using..

  13. heady281 Avatar

    dicks pointing to the anal.

  14. mic4ch Avatar

    Send data node >> node.
    Its transmitting in dig or ana.
    Digital. Digit. Binary. Only 0's and 1's.

    If you want to send an analog signal
    (exam. [shortcut] microphone >> file) it have to be quantized.

    ADC(ana dig converter) and DAC(dig ana converter).
    Shannon-Kotielnikow-Whittaker-Nyquist law.
    Check Quantization on wiki.

    Same about wireless. Signal from smartphone or by wifi:
    device(dig) >(ana)> BTS or Access Point >(dig/ana)> server(dig).

  15. Ahmed Altaweel Avatar

    Coaxial Cable work>>the signals are going to be transmitted through the "Copper Core", these signals do not move in a straight line because of the bends of the cable then the "Woven Copper Shield" turn comes in to reverse the signal to the "Copper Core". So continuously, the signal is going to lose energy on every reverse..Is this this Correct or not?!

  16. Shakarhaba Avatar

    You are wrong in so many levels, radio is not analog (see DRM), fiber optic doesn't have to be digital (You can send different intensities of light) you are confusing people, in one hand we have physical cables, radio-waves, microwaves… (The physical stuff used to transfer information from A to B) in the other one you have how you use that physical stuff (by sending an analog or digital signal)

  17. laishram rahul Avatar

    cant stop laughing 🙂

  18. Lone Wolf Avatar

    Was it necessary to place at cable at that angle?
    Distracted 😐

  19. fazliddin1993 Avatar

    nice video, thanks!

  20. Hassan Molley Avatar

    Computer is really important to the world, we need to improve the world by moving technology to another level

  21. Dennis Ritchie Avatar

    woo this is Bucky Roberts

  22. KnightZ1987 Avatar

    In regards to the analog signal, is the wave counted as 1 when it hits the line or crosses it. Im very confused. Can somebody help?

  23. MovieMad007 Avatar

    7 layer model has now been replaced by a less complex 4 layer model.

  24. Cryptoxicon Avatar

    Physically, there is an electrical, modulated signal that is being passed through the wires and converted by an analog-to-digital converter (ADC) so that the computer can interpret this data in ones and zeroes. So basically you have converters on both ends (receiving end – ADC and sending end – DAC). Actual transmission in physical layer through wires is in an analogue form.

  25. AyzousMAC Avatar

    Where did you learn your stuff? Im interested in going to school for computer networking and was just wondering if you had any good places for me to apply to.

  26. Dave Breen Avatar

    oh shit ive never laughed so much anal lol

  27. jill pandya Avatar

    you could have explained the layers of osi more precisely thanks anyway

  28. jay kay Avatar


  29. MikeMalaysia Avatar

    I never knew Bucky is into networking as well , i didnt read the name of the chancel but from the first word i heard i knew it was him i was like WTF Bucky is here as well ? i know his voice bcoz i watched over 50 videos of his on C++

  30. viperx888 Avatar


  31. Kevin Wohly Avatar

    Anal, and penis looking shapes…. This would look awkward for me if someone walked by

  32. Thota Krishna Avatar

    Is dis statement TRUE a hardware on network result=1 ie +v
    & -0 hardware on software

  33. KharaniProud Avatar

    we will never forget the name of Analog=Anal . This should be the teaching style. We highly appreciate that LOL .

  34. Daniel Phillis Avatar

    good work Bucky ! dont you have a tablet for drawing ??

  35. Mia X Avatar

    the technologically challenged association (me) proudly presents to you the Awesome Guy of the year award. Your videos are like finding a pair of inflatable arm floaties in an ocean of "wtf did that dude/chick say?" videos… I think I love you… Nerds are strait out sexy.

  36. Sathish Rathinam Avatar

    excellent video.very helpful for beginners like me.thanks a ton

  37. ridco tobae Avatar

    interesting……..thanks guy

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