Computer Networking Tutorial – 5 – OSI Model Data Link Layer

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21 responses to “Computer Networking Tutorial – 5 – OSI Model Data Link Layer”

  1. Mehul Sharma Avatar

    I know you computer address, i will hack your mom tonight

  2. Angie Li Avatar

    Is the command the same for the terminal in OS X?

  3. Rahul Raj Avatar

    dickfinal1 and dickfinal2…anybody noticed????

  4. Kittiphong Xayasane Avatar

    whoa whoa take it easy bessy

  5. pipa floyd Avatar

    Be my teacher NOW !

  6. mic4ch Avatar

    I wanted to ask this same question but you were faster:D

  7. icarrydateam Avatar

    "BAM! perfect analogy right there"

  8. MathEmperor Avatar

    (10110)2 = (22)10


  9. John Hammerton Avatar

    Why were you so worried about the IPConfig part? it is useless outside the network to anyone…

  10. Joe Smith Avatar

    i like turtles.

  11. glo vross Avatar

    @ 1:54, the Data link layer does is puts all the 1s and 0s in the envelope and the data link layer stems the envelope and put the address on it.

  12. jitov18 Avatar

    im starting school soon for networking and i swear watching one of these videos teaches me more then a whole 2 hr class lesson, good job man great teacher i like how u explain it like we preschoolers hahah keep up the good work

  13. Clark Vincent Enriquez Avatar

    Thank you so much buck! I never thought that you already had a networking tutorial before I discovered your page, which I found your programming tutorials first…. You are so awesomeee…..

  14. Jack Britton Avatar

    I'm pretty sure the Transport layer is responsible for resending information…that's considered error correction. Datalink doesn't do any error correction, just detection.

  15. ThaH3lper Avatar


  16. Andy Robertson Avatar

    "woah woah take it easy bessy"

  17. kevin coyle Avatar

    Great tutorial the yank drawl perfect for thick prix like me to learn 😀

  18. Cloud Zack Avatar

    Can anyone tell me, what software that he used to record..??

  19. 123resmol Avatar

    Dear Admin_
    Can I download this video? I need it..

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