Computer Networking Tutorial – 6 – OSI Model Network and Transport Layer

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23 responses to “Computer Networking Tutorial – 6 – OSI Model Network and Transport Layer”

  1. Joe O Sullivan Avatar

    Good explanation, but what I don't get is why people keep saying "The network layer does this/that" etc.
    The network layer (and all layers as far as I gather) are just ideas, or labels for parts of the networking process. It's the protocols, or the cables, or the routers etc, that actually do stuff.

    It would make more sense saying, for example: "this protocol in the OS does this" and "that process in the router does that" etc.

  2. Vivek Mahajan Avatar

    I think u bunked networking classes!
    So do I !
    U r also not in the mood as always!
    Did something bad happened?

  3. Darshan Phy Avatar

    yeah waste of time…just keeps on repeating the same stuffs for all layers..first u learn the basics and later teach others!!sorry if that's rude on u…buts thats the fact bro

  4. urbanvictim666 Avatar

    What a waste of time. Keeps saying that "it will all make sense later when I teach you the next bits" but then just stops and moves on to a different set of tutorials with the same name? Really??? Unsubscribed and disliked

  5. Cinnamon Warlock Avatar

    Excellent videos!  I'm studying for the CISA exam right now and you have done the absolute best job of explaining OSI! 

  6. whyhelloana Avatar

    "Come on, baby, delete." — Sexxxy! 😉

  7. ot0 Avatar

    what the can two different computer networking tutorials which cover different topics!? BUCKYYY answer man plz 😀

  8. Artelie John Ylanan Avatar

    where is tutorial 7?….. PLSSSSSSSS? why would you stop?… I mean your so good…..>.<

  9. Shreya Singh Avatar

    no !!!!!! where is tutorial 7….!!!! >_<

  10. Clifford Junior Mthemba Avatar

    your tutorials are excellent i can now bunk lectures, are there any tutorial for joomla?

  11. TREAD miller Avatar

    Even a dumb ass like me got it. Your a talent

  12. Mohit Sharma Avatar

    where is the next tutorial…..mannnnn!!!!!!! c'mon

  13. Life Moments Avatar

    Bucky I sincerely appreciate the time you took to make these videos. I have notes and went over your lessons carefully. You explain things well so I was wondering if you could direct me to a place to learn about Layers 5,6, and 7, or if you could make another video. I know you're probably very busy but this would be very helpful. – Committed Student.

  14. apsdh340 Avatar

    You left me hangin, where is 7?

  15. BanjoDow Avatar

    Bucky lost 8 of his fingers in a fishing accident and can no longer submit videos

  16. Tracy Konjo Avatar

    where is tutorial 7? i need it for my exam on December, come on Bucky………. I learned java by just watching all ur videos, dont disappoint me now 🙁

  17. adijo123 Avatar

    As usual.. Bucky abandons his tutorials midway. I admire your tutorials and your work but dude if you want to really make a difference you can't slack and quit all the time

  18. stellah chosen Avatar


  19. Robert Pantino Avatar

    wheres the next tutorial 🙁

  20. Darkinin Avatar

    I agree with you, at least partly. Bucky often teaches as if he never made videos for half of the things he did (one example I can think of is that he never uses "this" in java when it would make more sense to do so than not). However, I still recommend him, because he knows enough (and most of his series are complete enough) for most people to get a much better understanding of the subject, even if it isn't perfect.

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