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I teach you how to create a contact form for WordPress. This contact form is extremely customizable and includes both Akismet and Captcha spam blocking. It also allows for file uploads.

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  1. Malinda - Countryside Cravings Avatar

    Hi there great tutorial!  After setting this up I did a test contact to myself and when it appears in my inbox it has an ugly long name.  How do I change it to just my first and last name?  Thank you for your help

  2. Jim Gaither Avatar

    I run a CPR business and I’m using contact form 7.  I’d like to know if there is a way to put a dropdown in the subject header, so that when a customer has a certain question about a class or on-site training, they can choose from the subject header and that way I don’t have 1000s of questions about anything.

  3. Manny Cordero Avatar

    hey great video, excellent tutorial. I was wondering if you could help me out with my page I am new at this and I am creating a wordpress site for translations and I want to put a word count and calculator plugin but I can't seem to find one. what I want it to do is for people to copy and paste text in a box and it tells them how many words there are and multiply the by the price lets say 0.06 and gives them a quotation. do you know how to do this? thanks

  4. Derek Banas Avatar

    Great I'm glad you got it working 🙂

  5. Azad Shah Avatar

    Thanks Derek. It was sorted…cheers

  6. Derek Banas Avatar

    You're very welcome 🙂 Basically the easiest thing would be to check out some tutorials on this page contactform7. com/docs/
    It covers pretty much everything. If you need any other help tell me.

  7. Azad Shah Avatar

    Hi Derek,
    Thanks for such a comprehensive tutorial on Contact Form 7. I followed it and created two pages using this form. One is Contact Us (default) and the other one modified for Apply Online purposes. Everything seems ok but I am not receiving emails from Apply Online form? Thank you

  8. Derek Banas Avatar

    Sorry about that. If you want to link to a web page you can create custom urls using information on this page contactform7. com/text-fields/

  9. Seun Oladosu Avatar

    Hi Derek, thanks for that. Picked up extra bits and pieces.
    The info seems to be focusing on having other people attaching doc to the form for me to recieve. This is not what i am after. I would like as shown in your tutorial once the form as been filled in for guests to be able to download the free ebook.

    The form is working fine, it is just not linking to the 'thank you page or the free ebook page' once it has been filled in.

    Any insight will be greatly appreciated.


  10. Derek Banas Avatar

    This should help contactform7. com/file-uploading-and-attachment/

  11. Seun Oladosu Avatar

    Hi Derek, the link I create for the ebook is not coming through hence everything else is working fine. I am receiving name & email etc when form is filled in but no link or ebook.

    To generate the ebook link is it: on_sent_ok:location = (the URL Permalink address)';''


  12. Derek Banas Avatar

    I'm sorry, but I have never done anything complex translation wise. I really should and I'll see if I can come up with anything. Thank you for the input 🙂

  13. winfr34k Avatar

    Hm awesome 😀
    I'll try that one and how it will complete to qTranslate =)
    Thanks for the help…

    BTW: I saw there was a way of making a multi language template by using .mo files or something like that, am I correct on this? If so, could you please make a video about how to use those?

  14. Derek Banas Avatar

    I agree i'm not a big Drupal fan either. I think this is the plugin you're looking for wordpress. org/plugins/transposh-translation-filter-for-wordpress/

  15. winfr34k Avatar

    Is there any recommended way of setting up a website with multiple languages within wordpress? I know that Drupal has some cool features to do that, but to be honest: I just don't like Drupal, lol 😛

  16. Derek Banas Avatar

    Hi Allison, Have you seen this page about customizing forms contactform7. com/getting-started-with-contact-form-7/

  17. Allie Allisonabroad Avatar

    Hi Derek,

    Great video. Can you tell me how exactly you went about customizing the form with the tags and brackets? I am visually impaired and couldn't see what you were doing. For example, when you added more fields, and the dropdown boxes. I am happy to report that Contact Form 7 works with a screen reader. Thank you for any help you can provide.


  18. Derek Banas Avatar

    Use this to add a date field wordpress. org/plugins/contact-form-7-datepicker/
    I hope that helps

  19. JoHN OLliVeR Avatar

    hey Derek i think you gonna have to make another but this time adding the DATE… its quit impossible to create a form exactly like you did, but adding a DATE (dd/mm/yy) 🙁

  20. Derek Banas Avatar

    Here is an article I wrote about seo newthinktank. com/2010/08/seo-your-content-search-engine-keyword-optimization/ I have a few more on my site. I hope that helps

  21. saltymemes Avatar

    Hi Derek, do you have any video to how fill out settings for SEO plugin for WP. Thanks.

  22. Francesco Logrillo Avatar

    ok Derek ,thank you

  23. Derek Banas Avatar

    You don't need to change anything. The plugin works right out of the box. What emails are you trying to retrieve? They are sent the the email address you provide

  24. Francesco Logrillo Avatar

    Hello Derek,
    how does cs7 work with the host and DB; i.e. shoud y set some smtp or pop vars or anything other on the host?
    where and how can y retrive the mails?
    Thank you.

  25. Derek Banas Avatar

    I'm glad you got it! Sorry I couldn't get to you quicker

  26. Nun Ya Avatar

    nevermind figured it out thanks so much

  27. Nun Ya Avatar

    I did the form and the form show up but when the email comes in the data entered only shows the name of the person, with none of the other data

  28. Derek Banas Avatar

    Sorry about that

  29. Derek Banas Avatar

    Thank you 🙂 I'm glad you found it useful. I looked at it again and it doesn't seem to be possible to do anything other than make the response custom by using a persons name, or other data they provide though. It would be interesting to add that feature though

  30. Abbiyaahwu Asha Avatar

    OMG! That was a fantastic video! Beautiful work Derek…
    Oh btw, I had one question. Is it possible to set up Contact Form 7 so that it generates different reply emails based on the choices that the applicant makes?
    If so, I would love to see a video tutorial which solve this problem – that is if you haven't already produced one.

  31. Derek Banas Avatar

    You're very welcome 🙂

  32. Omar Garcia Avatar

    Great videos thanks!

  33. Derek Banas Avatar

    Sorry about that. I set them up so you can pause them and install and set everything up as you go

  34. Hector Gomez Avatar

    Yeah! that was funny…Great Video Derek..I like your speed talk..

  35. Derek Banas Avatar

    That's funny 🙂

  36. Derek Banas Avatar

    I'm sorry to hear that 🙁 I hope you figured it out

  37. Kathleen Kane Avatar

    Sad that I am working on Christmas! I will give this a try! Thank you!

  38. Derek Banas Avatar

    How about this

    wordpress . org/support/topic/plugin-contact-form-7-redirect-to-thank-you-page-on-submit

  39. Kathleen Kane Avatar

    Paraphrasing….something went wron. check back in 30 minutes for an email regsitration. second paragraph read something about if you were connecting through another website something may not be active on the wensite (can't remember what it was called :). I will try again and see what message pops up; copy and paste it 🙂

  40. Derek Banas Avatar

    What message did you get? It can be picky. Probably something really little went wrong

  41. Kathleen Kane Avatar

    Thank you for the quick response. I tried it (the act itself was a snap!) but when I checked to see if it was working, it did redirect me to the PayPal, however, it gave me a message that basically said something went wrong. I tried it a couple of times but I kept getting the same message. Any ideas?

  42. Derek Banas Avatar

    You're very welcome 🙂 Yes you can do that and this is how

    contactform7 . com/redirecting-to-another-url-after-submissions/

  43. Kathleen Kane Avatar

    HI! Thank you so much for the easy-to-follow instructions on the contact form addition. I am wondering how I may be able to have people redirected to a "Buy Now" button (PayPal) once they fill out the registration form. Is this possible???

  44. Derek Banas Avatar

    I have a video that may help called Install WordPress on Localhost on my YouTube channel

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