Core Data Tutorials in Swift – Build an app using Core Data Part 2

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13 responses to “Core Data Tutorials in Swift – Build an app using Core Data Part 2”

  1. Oscar Nilsson Avatar

    Theres an error saying : extra argument 'error' in call! at the fetchData function

  2. Imran Khan Avatar

    You are the man who make possible the thing to understand. Thanks a lot Duc Tran whenever i need to learn about some thing my first preority to watch your video first.

  3. David Or Avatar

    Great job Duc! Thanks for the videos!

  4. Steve Richardson Avatar

    Thanks for these, they're great. I am getting an error for .. if ! … argument pass to call that takes no arguments, do u know what I've done wrong?

  5. Ryohei Avatar

    Thanks! Your tutorials are amazing, and they help me understand and work more than when I did not find your helpful videos. Keep publishing excellent tutorials and help us more!!
    Here is a question: how newly added ones can be deleted after it is launched? I do not want some to remain in the list. Do I need to make a function that serves as a delete button? Then could you show me the code to do that? It would be helpful for others as well. Thanks again 🙂

  6. kalilimoku hunt Avatar

    i want to use core data to store a language, lets say i want to make a language dictionary app and i want a array for example var dictionary = ["aloha": "hello"] and the user types aloha the word hello pops up can you do a tutorial on how to do this using core data to store a language?

  7. Abdul Aziz Imam Al-Deen Avatar

    thank for this tutorials
    actually i do the same code on you video at Xcode 6.4 swift
    but after i make the update for Xcode its coming to Xcode 7.0 and swift 2.0
    the Fetched Result it not coming and every time its give me an error
    really i need a help for that before i do the update every things is ok and my project i finished to send to Apple
    but now nothings it work if you have help please send it to me

  8. Hastalavista6 Avatar

    Its missing the github download link, but extraordinary tutorial 😀
    EDIT: found it in your github page—Todo-Core-Data-Complete.git

  9. Duc Tran Avatar

    Hey Rod, for some reasons I can't find the reply button below your comment.
    If you want to save an image in CoreData, when you choose the attribute type in an entity, select binary data type.

  10. Rodrigo Jimenez Avatar

    How can we save an image on CoreData and then how to display in a imageView… Thanks!

  11. Duc Tran Avatar

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  12. Peter Grad Avatar

    Excellent tutorial, thank you very much for providing this information to us. Only suggestion: in a few instances, you were talking while typing and changing some entries you had made — for those of us typing along with you and whose eyes must leave the screen for a few moments to check our own typing, we sometimes miss such changes. Other than that, I found this extremely helpful.

  13. Zenas Sung Avatar

    Nice tutorial! Thanks!

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