Create a BEAUTIFUL Website in WordPress – Easy!

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Learn how to create and build a wordpress website from scratch step by step with no step skipped. This tutorial will quickly help you make a website or a .com quickly and professionally. Also learn a little CSS and how to adjust some css properties. This will help any small business make a small business website quickly.






40 responses to “Create a BEAUTIFUL Website in WordPress – Easy!”

  1. SandyRocks Avatar

    Liked for that BASKET ! Perfect thumbs up .

  2. go2fishing Avatar

    Great tutorial video! Learned a lot. Thank you!!

  3. mary Wong Avatar

    Tyler ,many thanks.Wonderful tutorial!! I am not a techy person, just started to build my website using WordPress themes. You answered lots of my questions about wordpress themes.
    Mary Wong

  4. humanwithlove Avatar

    You're awesome man. Thanks

  5. Wan Aqmal Mokhtar Avatar

    Hi Tyler, great tutorial, just asking, can I change the Read More button text at the Homepage to another text? For example Click Here. I need to change it to my text language cause my website content is not in English. Thanks bro

  6. Jeannie Cook Avatar

    Thank you for this tutorial. I knew nothing about building a website, but with your step-by-step instructions, I have truly created a beautiful website.

  7. hcubed Avatar

    Hi Tyler, don't know if you are still answering questions here, but if so, do you know how I can eliminate the search box from the main menu of this WP Blackbird theme?

  8. Isaac Frankental Avatar

    I need a contact page for flight bookings  with two  calendars. for  two-way trips. Date of departure and  date comeback. Can some help me with a plugin like this?

  9. Yeremyah Michaiyah Avatar

    Thank you 🙂

    Just one question… what's the code please to change colour of the drop down menu from black to another colour?  Please? 🙂

  10. ollie John Avatar

    Hey tayler how to create another website on the same host? Pls help if anyone knows how to…

  11. SC Statistical Programming Avatar

    Hello, Tyler
    I am in the middle of making my website following your video. On Home page, there are
    Home Page Top Right Cell Info
    Home Page Top Right Contact Info

    I don't want to give out my cell phone info., how can I get rid of these pre-settings from the theme? Thank you!

  12. Sheila RB Avatar

    Thanks Tyler for helping a non-Techie like myself to set up my website. The only problem encountered is the buttons on the bottom of the Homepage not connecting to Services/Contact/Info.  What am I doing wrong?

  13. Iturrey Avatar

    the tutorial was amazing and it produced an as well amazing site(in my view) however I think the basket shot was a great feat of editing as well, loved it have to try it, seriously thanks the tutorial helped me immensely

  14. Lynne Jackson Avatar

    Tyler this is MORE than enough to get me up and running.Thank you so much. This has been and incredible help and removed all of the mystery of WordPress!

  15. Philip Kallickal Avatar

    This is an awesome tutorial video for all WordPress beginners. In fact you covered all tools very systematically and easy to understand. Good Job! Looking for more tutorials.

  16. Hassaan Khan Avatar

    I'm sure it's going to help people out there. You know, WordPress has done something revolutionary, it totally changed the way we use to think about Blogging and Web Designing. I'm telling you, I might have not entered into the Blogging and Content Marketing things, if I haven't had a chance to find WordPress back in 2008. 

  17. Cecil DeMille Avatar

    You give excellent instructions. I tried learning WordPress from  a book and didn't get anywhere.

  18. J.R. Williams Avatar

    Tyler: I can see how you proportioned the tiger to look good on the site using Pixler, however the tiger photo was bigger to begin with than the space you had to put it in. In many cases the photos are smaller than the space they need to go in. Is there a way to fix them without blowing them out so they are blurry? J.R.

  19. Yogi S Avatar

    Very nice video, I Learnt lot form you. But when i search in Google it shows theme name and theme description for my website. please help me how to remove the same.

  20. DELFamilyvideos Avatar

    Hi Tyler Thank you so much for this video. I really hope you read this comment as I have a question for you. At around 18:40 you mention that the huge list of domains is from past clients, how does that work? I have the same plan you set up in the video so I have unlimited domains but can I just add a client's domain name to my account? Or do they need to create their own account with HostGator? Will the domain stay on my account forever what if I don't work with them anymore how do I set it up so that they would take care of maintaining the yearly domain name fee?

  21. Sophia Luypaert Avatar

    I appreciated your tutorial… it did take more than 24 hours to WP to work… and many hours of live support with Hostgator to get things to work… they had to create a temporary url to let me work on the new WP site…

  22.  Avatar

    I appreciate your work that you have shared with us!! Here, Beginners will surely like it  I also would like to share one more way for designing a #WordPress website from scratch, user may also use theme generating #softwares such as arti, #TemplateToaster a theme generating software for making/designing/creating themes.

  23. Joe Y Avatar

    Great Tutorial!! Thanks. How can I let users login first before they access the web pages? Any online resource didn't help me.

  24. Kaushik Naath Avatar

    Thanks A Lot Tyler Moore

  25. Kelyn Nash Avatar

    thanks alot this tutorial was super helpful. Even the end. I loved how i could change the colors to my liking. Thanks so much!!! 😉

  26. Michael Herrera Avatar

    Tyler….you have no idea how much this tutorial has helped me. Thank you ever so much.

  27. Gnana Uruthiren Avatar

    hi very nice video greate jobb

  28. Rosalie Tapia Avatar

    Hi Tyler, When I set up the links in the feature box to different pages. They do not work. when I mouseover the link while viewing my site it says http://localhost/services, not http://localhost/mysite/services. As you are assuming by now, I have set up this site for viewing on my computer so I can play with all the options before unleashing it on the WWW.

  29. Michel Zou Avatar

    Thanks for this.Is knowledge of php useful to use wordpress?

  30. Nigel J Britton Avatar

    Hi Tyler, great tutorial video as always. I'm stuck though. I followed the video and tried to delete the black box and text on the header but couldn't do both, just the box. Any suggestions?

  31. William Shea Avatar

    great video! As always, your videos are crystal clear and chock full of top notch information! I've subscribed because your content and teaching is just awesome

  32. Cabachon Productions Avatar

    May I make a suggestion that you also change the user name from "admin" to a different user name. If someone is going to hack into a wordpress site, they are going to use the user name "admin" by default. It is far better to use your own personal name, or nickname, or middle name as user name. One that is NOT immediately or otherwise obvious!

  33. Camii Torres Avatar

    Hi tyler! im trying to sort out y website following your tutorial but it got to the point when're i want to start from scratch using this theme but i mess so much with other themes before that is not quite working.. how can i start all over again with out buying a new domain and all that? please help!! 

  34. roi genial Avatar

    Tyler, u saved a soul lol. thanks

  35. Figo Apps Avatar

    Hi Tyler,
    Do i need to upgrade to Blackbird Theme Pro to follow your tutorial.
    I can't refresh once i have upload an image for the HomeTop Feature and clicked on save all changes.
    Once i go back to my Home page, the image does not show.


  36. Mandeep Singh Avatar


  37. Abhishek Raj Avatar

    thanks man awesome tutorial i have ever seen.. 🙂

  38. shreehari h Avatar

    How on Earth did you net the basketball like that? 😛

  39. Darius Urbonas Avatar

    Can you have multiple wordpress blogs on the same account ? one as main blog/website and other as sub-blog for members only area ?

  40. AmourFit Personal Training Avatar

    Hi Tyler, I was building the responsive theme and then I seen your new video amazing website so I changed themes to Blackbirds I'm following step by step but for some reason it want let me inout Home Top Feature Image, it upload and up date but when I refresh nothing happens, you assistance is much appreciated, thanks for your time

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