Create a Membership Website – No Coding!

Learn how to create a membership website in wordpress step by step without code.






42 responses to “Create a Membership Website – No Coding!”

  1. Yebo Ego Avatar

    help please, if I make page like this, then will have idea and add payment method into that, then is question.. is this legal ? Or I need some permissions or terms to give me rights to ask for money from members for service ?? Thanks a lot !

  2. friday ochim Avatar

    good tutorial, make a lot of sense

  3. Electro kill Avatar

    please make this video with worpress version 2017. i trust there are a lot of plug in right now that make it simpler.. Please tyler i'm waiting

  4. John Afolabi Avatar

    Tyler, you are my one-stop for everything I'm doing on my website. Thanks bunch.

  5. Ganesh Naidu Avatar

    Hi Sir, i'm running a logo designing business and i would like to accept payments through website.We have Basic/Standard/Premium plans.I would like to collect payment in 2 milestones (initial advance payment and final closing payment).Client must have access to login and download their logo / invoices .I tried with woocommerce plugin, but it is showing products/quantity etc.I dont need all these stuff…What are the plugins shall i use in my site to look clean and easy to operate….Please help me out from this. Thank you

  6. s raj balan Avatar

    Nice tutorial. would appreciate if I know what theme I should use.

  7. Emerson Ravarotii Avatar

    could you show me how to create a dating website

  8. Jennie Francis Avatar

    Great video. Wish I'd watched it 2 years ago – what a lot of money you would have saved me!

  9. Chb2 Gym Avatar

    I would like this exact same site built just with a different name of top can I have this one since it seems to be a template made already please respond thank you

  10. Narek Avagyan Avatar

    I want to create the site like Is there any video course?

  11. Tom Ho VFTV Avatar

    What happen when member gave away their membership to other people and login from other place. Can we detect it and give it a prompt? Thanks!

  12. Te Kooti Tom Anderson Avatar

    Have you a Facebook site please?

  13. Boddeti Ravindrakumar Avatar

    hi i want to make only user login page (free), and in the user login page user can upload the and download the content, which is user specific. can you suggest good plugin…. Thank you

  14. Sean McGuire Avatar

    Hi Tyler. Thanks for a good video. I am after a few pointers. I want to create a site where companies can register and set up a public profile page and where the public can search for these profiles and leave a review of their experiences with that company. Help!

  15. Life Motivation Avatar

    Can you recommend a wordpress theme that can be used in cell phone as well as in laptops or tablets and also work with membership plug in Restrict Content Pro?

  16. Rudolph Leder Avatar

    Do you recommend a new restrict content plugin?

  17. Tuwana Ford Avatar

    i have done the first part and installed the wordpress and left it over night and iot still says parked at godaddy

  18. Naeva Arnould Avatar

    good video Tyler thanks! A question : how to link those users to other plugins like bbpress or any live chat (im using iFlyChat) thanks!

  19. DJ's Bass fundamentals Avatar

    I like it very much…you don't know how much money you just save me!


    Do I have to use wordpress or can I just use a membership pluggin on my current website?

  21. Mahmoud Isam Avatar

    Hey guys! my WP back-end doesn't look like this one on the video.. many tools on the left are missing? my WP is updated! for example how can I add the "slides" button? please help.

  22. Matt Miller Avatar

    Awesome videoTyler. You have a natural knack for teaching the complex very simply.

  23. Sahaj Ismael Avatar

    hey! I tried to do like you did ,, but the menu i have on wordpress is different from yours?

  24. Kwaku and Nhyira Avatar

    Thank you and God bless you.

  25. Maxine Lawrie Avatar

    Hi Annette D were you able to do the multi paid level – was interested – how did you get started – just watching the video now maxine

  26. Michele Hartranft Avatar

    Hi Tyler, thank you for the great video. Can you set up multiple paid membership sites within one site with this setup you are teaching us?

  27. Annette D Avatar

    Hi Tyler, great video! Just the info I was needing. One question; will the membership plugin do several levels? I'm thinking multiple paid levels, such as $10 level, $20 level, etc. with more and more content available the higher the level? Thanks again.

  28. Grand Services Avatar

    Hi Tyler! Im a big fan of yours! your videos are very helpful. I have a problem though, how will i be able to send mail to newly registered members to my site. I want the email to be sent to them to contain their username, password and verification link. Please teach me how i can be able to implement this to a website. Thank you tyler!

  29. Jeevan Kumar Reddy Ravuru Avatar

    Hi Tyler, Thanks Sir
    I want Affiliate Pluging For WordPress

  30. abdellah rhouddani Avatar

    please i could like to know how to add Currency to Restrict Content Pro ?

  31. Liz Potter Avatar

    Tyler love your stuff! 🙂
    Is there a way to put text between the slider photos and the main menu

  32. Phil Ready Avatar

    Do you have recommendation for a club membership add-in?
    Do you have video on other types of membership setup?

  33. bookbearerplus Avatar

    I really appreciate this!

  34. Jugoslav Lozanovic Avatar

    Great Tutorial brother! 🙂 Big Like!

  35. JIM BREA Avatar

    Very good tutorial, just not explain how members can modify the post for themselves actualisar photos

  36. M.A. Medina Avatar

    Can you make a tutorial in becoming an affiliate partner (like what you do when you refer to hostgator, and giving discounts). Or if your already have one. 🙂 Thanks Tyler!

  37. Alisha A. Robertson-Carter Avatar

    Tyler, is this still relevant for today?

  38. Cameron Billions Avatar


  39. Rafael Fournet Avatar

    Hey man. Really liked all your tips.

    Quick question.

    How should I do to make sure people will not see all those a videos on YouTube ? Thank you

  40. COCO Lve Avatar

    Can I intagrate WordPress paid membership tool to my existing website without making a WordPress tamplate?

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