Create a Photography Website & Make Money!!

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Learn how to create & market your photography website / business. Step By Step
Learn how to make a wordpress photography website that is not flash based or wix based. Learn how to make a store and build a photography business using your website.






44 responses to “Create a Photography Website & Make Money!!”

  1. rhoda regha Avatar

    Thanks Tyler. This has been helpful.

  2. Vekateshwarlu K Avatar

    will u please tell me the theme name


    great stuff. can you add affiliate links on this website?

  4. Justin Tobias Avatar

    @tyler has the process to get the demo content provided changed with version 5? I found an express install.xml file and tried that. After a successful import, the page is still blank. When going to appearance-menus- I can only find header navigation. I selected that and still no content. Please help

  5. lens hombre Avatar

    Thanks buddy………. Such a nice video and tutorial…. You save our money 🙂

  6. Fred Harris Avatar

    Dear Tyler, I can't for the life of me get a theme up on my page using WordPress. I've tried everything. I've been trying for about two weeks and it just seems so complicated. All I want to do is get an image on the site. It would make me so happy.

  7. Brie Armstrong Avatar

    Hi I had a question for you! When I go to upload my photographs in wordpress, they show up REALLY tiny. Have you ever experienced this and do you know if there is a way to fix it? 🙁

  8. Dyann J Avatar

    Hi Tyler! Thanks so much for your tutorial for us new photographers that are trying to make a sale from our art.
    I wanted to point out that I hope you were aware that your billing information was visible for the viewers to see. I hope you deactivated that banking card after you posted his this video. Cheers!

  9. Jonah's Gaming Channel Avatar

    You are soooo good at taking a complex subject and making it simple. You took all the confusion out of developing a website. Thank you…Thank you.


    Thank you Tyler! This was a very helpful, educative and useful video 😉 Keep up the great work!
    Love and Light***

  11. WedoeverythingMAJOR Avatar

    Hi Tyler, I just finished watching this video twice, I can't wait to update my website..Thank you very much!!!!!

  12. Derrick J Johnson Avatar

    Hey Tyler I love your websites. I see this on is from 2012 do you have a plan to make another photography website with your new updates?

  13. Abebe Belay Avatar

    Very good thanks-MERCI

  14. CSX Railline Productions Avatar

    Hi Tyler, I am glad to have found this video. Great instruction and tutorial.

  15. Susan Etzen Avatar

    hello can we  work on this site and save it , and go to the next day and start  it again
    Thank you susan

  16. Jans Leisure Avatar

    You are awesome! Thank you for sharing your knowledge. 🙂

  17. Winslow White Avatar

    Hey Taylor,
    I have gone through your Kingsize video and my version is different from your version. I know that they have updated several times and understand that. When I downloaded the theme I did not get all the content that you seem to have received when you downloaded. I have also followed their videos and even their videos differ with the current version. I am trying to create portfolios with multiple groups of photos and it seems that all I get is the cover thumbnail.

  18. Nick Ash Avatar

    Great instruction Tyler. thanks for the time and effort. Very clear and detailed.

  19. L Maaialady Avatar

    Hi Tyler, great video !!! Thank you!!!!

  20. Bojan Jankovic Avatar

    Hi, I have two questions. How can I increase width of page on king size theme? Look at my page:
    Black piece is too strait.
    Second question: After I changed my slider images, I can't see them on my page Its just loading… What is the problem (it is local host on XAAMP).

  21. Detecting Devon Avatar

    hi great video , i cant find the kingsize wp button on the dashboard to be able to add a background or slider please help thanks , its just not there 🙁

  22. tarapos Avatar

    nice video , I really enjoyed it

  23. ntege oscar Avatar


  24. str8blues Avatar

    Thanks for taking the time to create this video. Very instructive. I'm getting ready to launch my real estate photography business and I'm working on finding a website I can do and it has to have e-commerce. Your instructional video convinced me to go with wordpress and ecwid. Got me moving in the right direction. Subscribed!

  25. Stumbled On Avatar

    Hi Tyler, I went and spent close to 300$ on a url+hosting+WP template and now it seem that ecwid only allows you to sale 10 photos before having to pay tons of money, dud you know of any other plugin that would allow me to sale unlimited photos for free? Thank you!

  26. Bego Sanchez Avatar

    Congrats on this tutorial and all I have already seen by you. It has been of great help. I'd like to ask you, at what resolution and size do you recomend to upload photos for a Photography website?…should I upload them at 300 ppp and theme screen width size for full screen home page and not have the theme resized them?, what about the photos for galleries?..I am using Photocrati presets, White Transparency theme, quire similar to the one in this tutorial Thanks in advance and best wishes!!

  27. bahez hawlery Avatar

    how to upload images?

  28. Marilyn LaFiura Avatar

    I thought this was an excellent video! Tyler took the time to go step by step to setting up a website. I will definitely be going back to this video numerous times as I set up my own website! Looking forward to many more videos from Tyler!

  29. Stephanie Avatar

    Is there a way to get the gallery functionality on the tesseract theme? Thanks.

  30. chok hlei Avatar

    I really like enjoyed this video cuz you give me experience a lot how to build website. Bless you!!

  31. Anonymous Avatar

    haha thanks for your billing info!!! gottteeeeem! awesome video I know it's an old video but I'm looking into starting photography

  32. HOBS Avatar

    Hi Tyler, Thank you for your video ,I'd like to know if I could upload footages instead of photos ?

  33. The Impressive Educator Avatar

    Hi Tyler, thank you for your videos they are excellent. I used your video to create my website, but now I see there is a newer version of the kingsize theme. How do you update to the latest version, because I don't know if just downloading will work and I don't want to mess up my current website. Please help! Thanks

  34. br0ken86 Avatar

    A lot of great information here. Thanks!

  35. Portraits by Denise and Jim Avatar

    I need your help I can not even log into the admin is there a way to contact you?

  36. Khalid Akbar Avatar

    Tyler…you are Megastar!

  37. Its Me Avatar

    Hi ,, is the Hosting necessary and what it means ?!!!!!!

  38. Lesrie Joy Monsales Avatar

    Tyler, this is awesome! very good.

  39. The Doc Avatar

    Great video thanks for the information I just finished building my photography website following your instructions now I have to refine it and add my content. Thanks again I'm going to follow your suggestions. Thanks again great video!!

  40. Richard Wecker Avatar

    Great! Thanks Tyler!

  41. Tina Harrell Avatar

    I see this was made quite a while ago. Is this still what you recommend to do for just starting out? Or is there something better/easier/cheaper? 🙂

  42. Eliot Zaeder Avatar

    Thank you so much! really saved me a lot of time and money!

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