Create a WordPress Website In Lightning Speed

Learn how to create a WordPress website in lightning speed. Step by step with no step skipped. If you want to learn more about building a website you can click the percent icon on the bottom left of the video to see the entire explanation. Have fun!






38 responses to “Create a WordPress Website In Lightning Speed”

  1. Let's Build WordPress Avatar

    I just wanted to check this out, you had me in some kind of hypnosis for 20 minutes… it all just went by so fast… you are a legend in my opinion!

  2. Ali Cheneler Avatar

    Amazing! Amazing! Amazing!

  3. Nano Mahi Avatar

    If any does not know how to increase site speed so please contact me I will do for you.
    Kindly follow the below link.

  4. Moin Shaikh Avatar

    How to change the sidebar color in Tesseract Theme..??

  5. Ramon Rivera Avatar

    this was absolutely amazing tyler thank you so much bro you are the reason i even know how to make a website ! thank you !

  6. Monica MF Avatar

    Dear Tyler Moore thank you so much , I am building my website for my sports clothing line, is there a way of where you made the services page, to add a woocommerce page, with all the products? Thank you in advance!

  7. Kostas margaritis Avatar

    Hi Tyler , thanks for the awesome video, I create a wordpress website for my business but i would like to add another language too. Basically i want my website to have the choice for my customers english or french. Can you help me ? Thanks.

  8. Snax Avatar

    how do you do slider? instead of just the photo

  9. Sovathara Som Avatar

    Thank you very much Tyler.

  10. Faseela CP Avatar

    hey i just want to know how can i link my posts to pages in the blog

  11. Dan Comarzan Avatar

    Thank you Tyler, you are the best!!

  12. foxy Avatar

    how is it going tyler, i watched some of your videos about how to create your own website but i still wasn't able to create 1 can you plz help me (the site i want to create is a cs go gambling site) ty

  13. celebrityserb Avatar

    20 Minutes…unbelievable..straight to the point! love it

  14. graham_ev Avatar

    +Tyler Moore, quick question – I installed WordPress and went to my site, but saw that it had been taken over by some sort of ad search site. Any insight here?

  15. Nathan Cottam Avatar

    Does the Beaver Builder have to be purchased in order to work?

  16. Koen Sweelssen Avatar

    hilarious, you are a master!! Did you do this live?

  17. Lokesh Avatar

    I am watching u from 2013 and following ur pattern and everytime u have something rocking. Keep it up Sir.

  18. Problem Guru NRS Avatar

    hello sir. how can i create a classified advertisements website by using wordpress

  19. hon pin yi Avatar

    Hi,I am eddie from Malaysia.
    I have bought n tested a month at the shopify platform,is ok for users friendly only abit expensive for me as a newbie,
    is there a cheaper or low cost for me for the beginner ?

    Do u recommend WordPress ? but does it got shipping cart or buy now feature ?
    Thanks regard.

  20. Mahmudul Hassan Avatar

    Can anyone build something new and advance in woocommerce?

  21. Gn Inc. Avatar

    Tyler can I use your theme for a business website?

  22. Jason Hau Avatar

    Hi Tyler,
    Good day!
    I am currently using wordpress theme that were created by you and I LOVE IT! I try to add the "read more tag" under text editor but it doesn't seem to work. Any step/setting that I might missed out? Thanks for helping!

  23. VVuma Avatar

    can you make a tutorial on how to life stream on your own website?

  24. Frogg Avatar

    please don't stop making youtube videos!

  25. Leonardo Icegale Avatar

    Is it also possible to make a blog with this plugin and theme?

  26. vivek kumar Avatar

    hello sir , i want to add 360 image in my website (pic taken by ricoh theta s 360). please suggest me….

  27. Squares Marty Avatar

    how do you add a blog page?

  28. f8head Avatar

    @tyler I have a registered domain name already using a different company but I do not want to use them to host my site. What is the best way to host it and using which plan?

  29. MuraliKrishna Reddy Avatar

    Hi Tyler, your tutorials are amazing. Can you please tell how to edit pages (created by woo commerce plugin, for ex: shop page) using the 'beaver builder' suggested here. I could not edit it when tried. Is this possible by any chance or we can edit only new pages created.

  30. Bartek Filipowicz Avatar

    As the matter of fact you've done a great job,sir!!!

  31. Ali Elmahdi Ibrahim Zahran Avatar

    Hello Tyler,

    Thanks alot for your amazing, world-class tutorial. Honestly, you have taught me how to use wordpress, and ur free theme has been used loads in my projects.

    One amazing feature about your theme is the full-width template and row/column setting being able to take the entire page width, allowing me to create a fixed background picture that looks awesome in design.

    Unfortunately, I have been trying to do the same thing with other themes but really nothing works. If you dont mind, would you tell me how do u make this work on ur theme ?

    I understand that there might be some coding here. If yes, please refer me to the right place or just give an awesome brief for that.


  32. Selim Dellah Avatar

    hi can we make a Parallax effect on Tesseract 2 ?

  33. Ku Syafiq Avatar

    Is there any way on how to change the header's menu font type? Thanks

  34. Marc Hankel Avatar

    Great work! Thank you so much! Easy to set up and to costumize! Working with Tesseract is A JOY!

  35. Mojo On The Beat! Avatar

    how do i reset the theme

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