Create Local Notification with Swift in iOS

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There are two kinds of notification in iOS: remote or push and local notification.

Remote/push notification is what you’ve been using in apps like Snapchat, Facebook… They are sent from a server (usually your backend).

But there’s also another kind of notification in iOS, a sort of light-weight kind that you can schedule and fire it off anytime. That is local notification.

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18 responses to “Create Local Notification with Swift in iOS”

  1. venkat prabhu Avatar

    Hi DUC
    i wanna a local notification when i reach a specific place ( Ex:London ) how to do that ?

  2. Ibrahim Ayad Avatar

    thank you duc, your the best

  3. Zulwiyoza Putra Avatar

    This guy is moving a lot. LOL

  4. Raveena Nigam Avatar

    Awesome tutorials duc (Y)

  5. Saksham Sharma Avatar

    Hi Duc, Great Tutorial. I started following you with the tutorial and Swift 3 came. Since then i am not able to get Local Notifications Working as [ .self ] is not available anymore. Can you please tell me what i should do or if you can create another Tutorial on Local notifications but with Swift 3, It will be a Great Help.


  6. Alfredo Elizondo Avatar

    Just to good!!! ,Thanks Duc, I really nailed those notifications down thanks to your explanations.

  7. Leonard Michaelis Avatar

    Is it possible to request information from a dormant (in background, or hibernating) app? Or asked differently, how can an app that's not in the foreground (to make it even more complex let's say the iPad is asleep for example) send an alert to another app if the app itself isn't active ?

  8. Nashwan alnomany Avatar

    hi duc
    how can i make notification everyday with different alert body
    ex: choose alert body randomly from array

  9. Izzy B Avatar

    hi, so i want a notification to appear when my phone gets within an ibeacon. I did everything in the video (except for the interval option for the notification) and my beacon code is in the view controller, so how do I call the function (created in the app delegate) in the view controller section of Xcode? thanks!

  10. quietfox Avatar

    HI! How can i display a specific view controller when the notification is pressed in the AppDelegate? thanks!

  11. Shubham Anil Sharma Avatar

    Awesome tutorials duc 🙂 you are a genius dude

  12. Hélio Mesquita Avatar

    Amazing Video ! Congratulations 🙂 I'm trying to learn swift and this video helped me a lot. It is a pity that doesn't exist any channel in portuguese, but that is ok HAHA

  13. zeeshan Dar Avatar

    i need to open uiview controller on sure messaege plz answer me plz

  14. zeeshan Dar Avatar

    is that work for simulator or not

  15. bernard rayoso Avatar

    Hi Duc,

    How about putting the notification into the tableviews how do you deal with that?

    thanks in advance

  16. Виталий Иванов Avatar

    make video better replace Parse and how to do it for user registration and all the functionality that performs Parse

    thx 4 this tutorial

  17. Tom Jansen Avatar

    Great tutorial! Do you know a good documentation for me how to learn to randomly grab a item out of an array from a json file?

  18. Tar-X Avatar

    Cool video! Is it possible that you make tutorial of how to make a social network app from scratch?

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