Create Multiple Websites on 1 Hosting Account


Learn how to add an additional domain name to your hosting account. You must have an account that allows you to have more than one website on it. For hostgator this starts at the baby plan. You can add as many domain names / websites as you want.

This will show you how to change the nameservers and addon the domain.






26 responses to “Create Multiple Websites on 1 Hosting Account”

  1. Adel Anbari Avatar

    Thanks a lot very helpful

  2. Funda Network Avatar

    i need your help i just add my 2nd site in my c pannel but it is not open on that domain
    this is open after the hosting domain what to do

  3. LetMeAdd MyTwoCents Avatar

    Nice video. Thanks for the help. It still works in 2017! And I only waited about 1 minute and WordPress installed!!! There's no more waiting 2 hours. Technology has evolved!!!! Lol.

  4. ferero22 Avatar

    Tyler you are the BOMB!! Great vid, very informative. I just learned A TON from you. I've watched your other videos and couldn't be more grateful. THANKS A BUNCH!!!

  5. Ads Khater Avatar

    Thanks this is the best video Thanks mlion.

  6. 2KKIDS Avatar

    OMG The best vid I have seen yet. Been searching for this question for 2 days and finally I found you! THANKS SO MUCH!! Explained everything to perfection! AWESOME!!

  7. 123miscrits Avatar

    Hey Tyler, how would I do that on a VPS? I want to host my second domain in one instance on Vultr.

  8. The Impressive Educator Avatar

    Hi Tyler, thank you for the video I used another one of your videos to set up my original website, however go daddy does not look like your screen anymore. I am actually stuck because I cannot get to the domain manager to set my domain as you stated please help me.

  9. beny4300 Avatar

    So just to be clear, if I buy the Hostgator baby plan, thenI can install wordpress many times for separate websites and their logins?

  10. Muhammad Husin Syah Putra Avatar

    thanx Tyler, nice tutorial..very helpfull..

  11. Mr Anonymous Avatar

    Sir i gave unlimited domain package for hosting and i want to add my 2nd domain name on hostgaitor how to do this and please tell me i need to install WordPress again in my new website or what ( i already installed wordpress when i build my first site) please help can you make tutoring adding multiple sites and how to make work these sites

  12. Leilektsoglou Avatar

    Do I need to go to the host billing portal in "Add Packages" for the second domain name or not????
    (I purchased the baby plan and 2 domain names – with the one domain name I already created a website and now I wanna create another completely different one with the second domain name )

  13. Patrick Sheridan Avatar

    Thank you so much for you videos. I will have my first paying customer for a wordpress website. Your videos are so much of a help to a better future. Keep them coming.

  14. Andy Otu Avatar

    Truly amazing video Tyler, you are such an inspiration.Keep up the good work man.

  15. Omid Karimi Avatar

    I was looking for such a video for a long time. you're amazing Tyler

  16.  Avatar

    Thanks for this video

  17. ali yousofi Avatar

    Hi. Can I use my old wordpress account to my new website. 

  18. Tony N Avatar

    Perfect! Is there a reason you purchased the domain name through GoDaddy as opposed to getting it from HastGator? Can you get it from HostGator?

  19. Romy Macias Avatar

    Tyler, Hi!
    When you're adding a new domain to HostGator (8:32), you're asked to type in a password. Is it a new password you make up? I'm not sure where this password comes from? Is it my HostGator account password? Is it my GoDaddy password? Could you please help this newbie?

  20. Roger Phillips Avatar

    Again Tyler to the rescue! Thanks for the help!

  21. vav17NL Avatar

    thank you so much for your tutorial it really helped me. Even though i wasnt hosted on hostgator it still worked for me because i have the same CPanel. I'm really thankfull for all your tutorials, Keep doing what you are doing!

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