Create Sick Duotone Effect | Photoshop Tutorial | Photo Effects

in this videos we will see how to create spotify and apply music style duotone effect using photoshop.

Its pretty simple photo effect, all we have to use different colors on different blending modes.

we will create 3 different variations of this effect, first will be where model and background are same color.

in second version we will add different background and some elements to make photo effect more interesting.

and for the last version we will use same color for background and for shadows to give duotone effect more darker and different look.

I really hope you enjoy this photo effects tutorial and if you have questions or suggestions ask me in comments below.

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23 responses to “Create Sick Duotone Effect | Photoshop Tutorial | Photo Effects”

  1. Photoshop Tutorials | Photo effects Avatar

    Hello everyone !!! i hope you enjoy the tutorial and learn something 🙂 and can you please tell me what version you like the best?

  2. Vikas Sutar Avatar

    learn photoshop effects in less than one minute

  3. Belen Museri Avatar

    Great tutorial! very helpful 😉

  4. Terrell Woods Avatar

    good stuff ! really erasy to follow and informative. Thanx!!!!

  5. Alex Nava Avatar

    So helpful! Thanks (:
    I was looking a tutorial for this effect!

  6. matttouvet Avatar

    very nice, thank you ! but you speak
    way too fast !!

  7. mahaveer jain Avatar

    Thank you for creating amazing tutorials!

  8. Himanshu Singh Avatar

    awesome tutorial bro 😉

  9. ElizabethR1558 Avatar

    Simple, but effective.

  10. mer har Avatar

    i'm having fun with photoshop because of your tutorials thank you

  11. Adriene van Dongen Avatar

    Great tutorial, I like all 3 versions thanks for creating this I learned something new again

  12. Galgaduud boy Avatar

    i feel i can do something in here thanks

  13. Rohit Kumar Avatar

    A tutorial of blood text effect whenever you like.

  14. Efren Burciaga Avatar

    You've earned my subscription with your amazing work and tutorials! Keep up the good work!

  15. Merlina Joseph Avatar

    amazing. can you teach me how to put image on circle using marquee tools? sorry, if my english broken. but, your tutorial always great.

  16. kevo1414 Avatar

    Great video. At 4:26 33 si si si si senor 😀

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