Creating a Game Concept – Java Game Dev #2

In this tutorial, we design a concept for our upcoming Java-based TRON clone. Starting with a game design document (GDD), we build out a strong foundation for GUI design, and code/UML design in future episodes.

It is essential to at least strongly consider how you can quantify the game play for your indy titles. By spending a good amount of time and energy designing your game before writing your code, you may save a lot of time refactoring the code to fit conditions you did not previously acknowledge as possible.

Please leave any questions or comments below the video. Your feedback (as a subscriber), is very valuable to us via aiding in our knowledge of what we must improve to ensure these tutorials are of the utmost quality and use to you, the viewer 🙂

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Difficulty Levels: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced

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2 responses to “Creating a Game Concept – Java Game Dev #2”

  1. Anton Avatar

    really excited for this series! Ive got around 3 years of uni education so far and love java and would love to learn this

  2. manooms78 Avatar


    How do you record these videos? I'm looking to create such live coding videos as well but don't know how you record the screen and audio. 


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