Creative Ink Drop Effect: Photoshop Tutorial

Creative Ink Drop Effect: Photoshop Tutorial
Amazing Ink Drop Brushes –

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Piano –

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“Relaxing Piano Music” Kevin MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License

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34 responses to “Creative Ink Drop Effect: Photoshop Tutorial”

  1. Photoshop Tutorials Avatar

    Don't forget to subscribe for future Photoshop tutorials! 🙂

  2. Noah Hatch Avatar

    The ink affect isn't on my brush selector

  3. Satan Overdose Avatar

    Did you ever think of speaking while you are doing this?


    colour efex pro4 open in computer with 2G ram or not ?

  5. Kate Avatar

    How do you download the ink brushes? I have pressed download but they don't download onto my computer.

  6. Sam Zhak Avatar

    Привет, пожалуйста не мог бы ты подсказать как сделать такой же интерфейс как у тебя, у меня слои маленькие справа в углу. с меня лайк и подписка, у тебя талант.

  7. KersOner Avatar

    I cant open the page with the brushes 🙁

  8. lily Avatar

    Amazing … So satisfying too

  9. Louis Wandago Avatar

    NICE tutorial
    from Kenya

  10. Juhi Davda Avatar

    your work is awesome. i love it!
    thank you for sharing your knowledge 🙂

  11. LookOnTech Avatar

    This is awesome !

  12. françois francois Avatar

    bonjour , encore une superbe réalisation , merci

  13. FLIPKO Avatar

    ooh i like this 😮 nice dude

  14. Stone Avatar

    So beautiful !

  15. Coën of Poviss Avatar

    I almost didn't masturbate to this… almost.

  16. J ĚF Avatar

    Hey,just started a #YouTube channel. Please check out my channel….#watch….#like….#subscribe.

  17. Mohammed Elghonimy Avatar

    You are an artist and a talented person

  18. Peter Evans Avatar

    Excellent thanks mate 🙂

  19. Neko Avatar

    great tut ! 🙂

  20. Johnny Kemper Avatar

    I really like ur work.

  21. Cesar Acosta Avatar

    Yes! Yes! Thank you bro
    I'm Mexican 😀

  22. Jon Stark Avatar

    great work I love it ☺

  23. José Daniel Espinoza Avatar

    Esos pinceles los trae el programa o se denen comprar…..?

  24. FedericoSt Avatar

    Pon subtitulos en español por favor

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