Creative Text Portrait Poster in Photoshop

Photoshop Tutorial: Text Portrait Poster
Creative Bat Disintegration Poster:
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21 responses to “Creative Text Portrait Poster in Photoshop”

  1. Irvan Arroshid Avatar

    Thanks cukk.. that's very helpfull

  2. Kevin Alvarado Avatar

    Thx this was very helpful my guy

  3. Joel Jau Avatar

    what version do you use,i mean the latest one or oldest version?

  4. Dinesh parthasarathy Avatar

    bro in this video after ctrl+j it creates 1 layer and you press one 'D' but it don't do nothing

  5. J ILLIZIT Avatar

    hi your videos are cool and simple so i have subscribed..
    make more videos…….

  6. BoodieWarriorBEATS Avatar

    So not sure if i made a mistake at one point but my text doesnt stay within the lines of the face. How his curves around the hair part mine just goes outside of the lines. Help please its looking dope I want to be able to finish it ! 🙂 thanks.

  7. Abhishek Rakhecha Avatar

    hey after thresold i dint understand u. when i press alt+del the wjole screen goes black

  8. Shivoham Avatar

    at the end (curves part) my text is not changing colour but the whole picture changes the colour.. 🙁
    where could I have gone wrong??

  9. Lolugu Praveen Avatar

    Thank you for your tutorial, But am having photoshop cs2, can u give the link of advanced version which you worked , i want to install that.Please reply me .

  10. Code One Avatar

    THANKS for this awesome help bro.. i have one problem can you gimme ya email so i can send you the clip of that problem?

  11. MrBlueInk456 Avatar

    Can someone help me. At 1:50 when I press D, nothing happens. And after when i press alt+del, my layer 2 doesn't turn white, it turns black. HELP ME!!!

  12. Mert Ustamehmetoğlu Avatar

    brother sorcamda you something I'm printing this Alt + Delete is not can you help if you do not have white naps so effortless … Thanks

  13. KQS Avatar

    OMG you are a genius

  14. gosse mj Avatar

    please PCE, what how can I do in 1.46 D next color pannel and 1.56 ALt+DEL (i got black layer when do it) ?

  15. Катя А Avatar

    thank you so much

  16. Koray BAKIR Avatar

    very nice tutorial +1

  17. LeagueOfADC Avatar

    anh giúp em với em làm tới đoạn 4'54s sao em không có cái dòng chữ di chuyển theo con trỏ rồi mình có thế chỉnh chữ lớn nhỏ cho phù hợp mà chỉ khi click chuột vào hình thì chữ mới hiện lên rất khó để chỉnh theo ý mình xin anh giúp giùm em

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