Critiquing Your Logo Designs! EP 4

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29 responses to “Critiquing Your Logo Designs! EP 4”

  1. Xatez Avatar

    A cheeky order from tesco

  2. MultiPwolf Avatar

    That climb logo was neat. The M should be bigger than the other letters though, maybe if the one on the left was scaled up and the one on the right was scaled up a tiny bit just above the capline(was it?) I think that would look neat and put more emphasis on the mountain/climbing message and the scale of the concept.

  3. 202cardline Avatar

    Koluar – pick your own pick – I'm guessing it's something about mountain climbing equipment, like ice picks? That you stick in the mountain? Anyways, It's really cool you are critiquing people's work, it's incredibly valuable to get other people's insights.

  4. Vain & Glory Avatar

    Hey for that crestwood logo, the E was connected to D to make it look like a shovel xD im wondering how u couldnt see that !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Jextella Avatar

    Love your videos!

  6. lynnepearce Avatar

    For the crest wood logo I would make something with a spade but not through the letters, not use roots and it had too many colours. Prefer muted earth tones for landscaping, colours too harsh. There are really no blacks in nature, yes dark shadows sometimes but no black plants. We associate black and red with alarm, Goth and Satanism. It says stay away. Earth is welcoming therefore friendly greens Browns muted blues and autum leaf shades. We live in the bosom of the earth after all. No harsh angles except for the Mesa in Arizona or Mountain peaks – don't think anyone is landscaping there. Nice name Crestwood.

  7. lynnepearce Avatar

    The Climb logo was brilliant – or was that in the last video, if so point made!!

  8. Matías Ezequiel Avatar

    Hey Will, Argentinian here, Please can you add spanish subtitles? Me (english speaker) and my friends love your series, we all study graphic design but some of them don't know enligsh so I have to explain everything, besides I think it will expand even more your channel to non-english speaker audiences.

    Cheers, keep up the good job.

  9. Allen Ayler Avatar

    To all you aspiring designers. I just wanted you to know that you don't have to look like a feminine cuck snowflake and dress like a goober to make it in the industry. Keep your dreams alive.

    And when you do get on your feet, also remember that everyone has an opinion and your career will become less about being critiqued on your use of design principles and more about a battle of various egotistical self-centric opinions telling you how it should or should not be done. The bigger their ego, the more they will insist they are right and you are wrong. This brings us back to the point about not being a cuck snowflake goober….

  10. abdellah ferkous Avatar

    I'm waiting your critique 😀

  11. New Age Studio Avatar

    a sent logo 2 times :/ i hope you critique it in the next video Mr Will :/

  12. Jared Wilkerson Avatar

    Is that Matt Damon, lmao

  13. Angelus Herath Avatar

    Please make a tutorial about the golden ratio.

  14. 2121nath Avatar

    Does someone know the second logo's font? I really like it to… 🙂

  15. JeeHee Park Avatar

    Hi Will! I really enjoy watching your videos. I'm a student from South Korea and I always wanted to share your amazing works with other Korean users! So would you allow me to translate/caption your videos? With your permission, I'd start working on right away and close caption your videos one by one. (By replacing 'watch' in the video URL with "timedtext_video", I can add subtitles in my language. Or if you already have closed caption in English, I only need to click on CC button under your video.) I'd love to contribute in sharing your awesome contents with a larger community. 😀

  16. Scott Carroll Avatar

    I want to know what you ordered from amazon and tesco c:

  17. Joshua Feliz Avatar

    amazing job as always! thanks for this will

  18. h Avatar

    I don't think your should post their personal emails on this video.

  19. PS Graphics Avatar

    Thanx Will, for your advice.

    Actually The first logo of mine says 'Velo music' .

    I'm glad you critiqued my logo and I'll definitely work on things you said. ThankYou.

  20. logoinspirations Avatar

    These get better and better Will! 🙂

  21. Johnzilla87 Avatar

    Diggin the outro song.

  22. beattwoman Avatar

    The first logo says Rio music isn´t it?


    Thank you for the feedback will! I'll take your tips in consideration!

  24. Masoma Ndume Avatar

    OMG what song was that in the end card, kuz it was amazing i need it.
    Oh and also im a senior in high school and im looking for resources to learn graphic design, im not going to college because i think i can learn it on my own without shending nearly as much money, any suggestions

  25. Yessica Mans Avatar

    Love these series!! Might send in some of my own :). For the last logo with the B from Mitch, I thought it looked really nice with the thin stroke, reminded me a bit of a paperclip but who knows what it's for haha

  26. Joe Rooney Avatar

    Thanks for the advice Will! I will take what you said and work to improve my work 🙂

  27. Pietro Del Franco Avatar

    The first logo is Rio lol

  28. Gareth Queen Avatar

    if u blur ur vision the crestwood looks like a penis with balls 😮 #cantbeunseen

  29. Annika Wuestefeld Avatar

    Hey Will, is Prophesy Apparel not a thing anymore? You linked it in the description, I went to have look, but the site is down.

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