Critiquing Your Logo Designs! Ep10

Hey, Guys! Here’s a new critiquing video!

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24 responses to “Critiquing Your Logo Designs! Ep10”

  1. Anthony G Avatar

    +Will Paterson
    Hey Will the logo at 6:14 is actually me.
    not in my wildest dreams did i think that you would actually review my logo and have a positive feedback on that as well.
    Wow thanks a lot for that.
    Unfortunately i didnt see this vid in time, as you can see im commenting rather late. so i went with the second logo i sent you and i didnt change the font as well.
    But now that i've seen this, i would definitely use the advice in the future.
    Again, thank you for this.

  2. Ad Lloyd Avatar

    @7:16 the SHOCKER logo. WIN!

  3. Creed Avatar

    What's his email?

  4. Theodore Eleazar Avatar

    nunya business is an idea from walt disney – "Moana"

  5. Julia Mason Avatar

    I'm NUN Graphic Design!
    Thank you so much for the advice on my logo! I'll be looking at the greyscale version more and see what I can do with it!

    Thank you again :),
    Julia Mason

  6. Carrie Evans Avatar

    I was working while watching this video. When I heard the trash can noise in the beginning of the video, I was worried something deleted on my end! Lol


    You offended so many people woth the Yoyo part. Not me, but many people.

  8. NewtonTheNarwhal Avatar

    I don't know if it's just me but i really don't like sans serif and serif fonts together in the same logo

  9. Calligraphy Masters Avatar

    The idea of this series is very very good mate!! #INSPIRED !! Thank you for the great channel and constant work!!

  10. Tawfik Manham Avatar

    haha… you could have skipped the Naomi tele call form the video and the drama afterwards!! :'D

  11. syedR abbas Avatar

    I also sent you a logo but you did not critique it why will????

  12. Yousef Marwan Avatar

    Mr.Will .. would you please give me what are the programs that you use for logo design? thanks

  13. Mitesh Trivedi Avatar

    LOL How many times does Will have to tell you guys to tell him what the logo is for? 10th iteration of this and still…good on Will for reviewing those logos still.

  14. ESD Inc Avatar

    how can i send in my logo for this?

  15. Jake Shanahan Avatar

    Have you ever used Upwork or PeoplePerHour Will?

  16. PB&Jrunr Avatar

    I have to say something about the wolf logo in black. If you design something with shadows on a white background, keep it the same. Just make the border around the wolf, white. Maybe make the font a little thinner or space it out. Otherwise it's a cool logo.

  17. BBF Adrye Avatar

    12 years old audience for the Yoyo, well I guess some people will not be happy to hear that

  18. Made by Mighty Avatar

    I really enjoy these logo critique videos, cheers man 😉

  19. Daniel Sidebottom Avatar

    Love the new layout Will 😀 it seems so much more relaxed! already cant wait for the next video!!

  20. Designer Sketch Avatar

    I have sent you a logo featured on one of my videos.

    What is your process to choose the logos you critique?

  21. INTRO WORLD Avatar

    hii love your logo and your video

    can you please make a logo

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