CSS Background Image Replacement Tutorial

In this CSS tutorial we learn how to replace HTML text with a CSS background image. Check out my 9 hour web design video course:

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5 responses to “CSS Background Image Replacement Tutorial”

  1. Kamran Qureshi Avatar

    Thanks Sir its really helps me for my assignment, I was giving in css file URL but css was not working properly and does not show anything on the link.

    Appreciated your help!


  2. TheRoxas13th Avatar

    What is the purpose behind the rule "Display: block" ? 

  3. Garry S Avatar

    is it better to use jpg or png?
    I thought I could only make image transparent background with png 

  4. HBCult Avatar

    Do you always need to be specific on the width of a picture? Or is there a default setting with CSS for this?

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