CSS Tricks : CSS Problems Solved

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Use em Document Wide : 00:31
Repeating Image Background : 01:43
Fixed Background : 02:11
Gradient Background : 03:30
Scalable Background : 04:14
Fix Layout Overlap : 05:19
Multiple Background Images : 06:00
Custom Fonts : 07:38
Link Tricks : 08:58
Text Shadow : 09:32
Indent Text : 10:25
Enlarge First Letter : 10:53
Drop Shadow : 11:56
Rounded Images : 12:20
Rotate Images : 12:32
Custom List Bullets : 12:47
Table Styling Tricks : 14:04
Form Styling : 17:35
Absolute Positioning Tricks : 20:16
Image Galleries : 22:40
2 Column Layouts : 26:34
3 Column Layouts : 34:38






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  1. Raihan Avatar

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  2. Hashim Hamza Puthiyakath Avatar

    how easy it is to stretch down the background of a small div. Thank you very much for the video

  3. For Phone Avatar

    very cool and fast 😀

  4. SLAV Avatar

    Well, I came for Counter strike: source

    Now I have a degree in CSS

  5. ikenna udokporo Avatar

    how did you make your puppy pictures same width and height for all?

  6. RocketBossZach Avatar

    I've only just started web development a few days ago, but with what I've learned so far with HTML, JavaScript and CSS, I already feel like I have so much power over the browser. Thanks for making this video!

  7. Gregory Tippett Avatar

    Hi Derek, thanks for the great tuts! At 32:45 you give the Main tag a width of 550px, which causes the .wrapper color (white) not to be displayed, but instead the Body color (grey). Then when you give the .wrapper the overflow:hidden, it returns!… Why do these things happen? I feel like I'm missing something.

  8. ValveGamer Avatar

    Came here by accident when looking for Counter Strike: Source/CSS videos.

  9. Brian Smith Avatar

    Derek is a legend there is really no way around it

  10. Mark L. Avatar

    Thanks Derek, this kind of pacing is exactly what I was looking for. Keep up the good work.

  11. sifat raju Avatar

    if anyone have any bug in their web page then you can visit here… i will fix it with a little cost..

  12. Hamed Pour Avatar

    Fantastic video. It's criminal that it only has 85k views. Sir, brilliant as always. Keep up the fantastic work.

  13. Marven Wilson S Donque Avatar

    he did not even use display flex… that is insane

  14. Richard The Turd Avatar

    This guys voice sounds like a didgeridoo

  15. premier69 Avatar

    btw, Thank you very much for your hard work!

  16. premier69 Avatar

    I'd love a tutorial on Pug + Stylus

  17. JoseM Aboytes Avatar

    You are a genius. Thank you for posting this video up. These tips really helped and you answered a lot of question and doubts that I hac. Keep up the excellent work. 😀

  18. Eric Acr Calimbahin Avatar

    yo a fvckin legend bruh

  19. Yuvaraj Madha - Artifacts Avatar

    Sir! What is that Cross browser things you've been talking about throughout the video ? Please answer me.

  20. Z E R O E D Avatar

    thought css meant counter strike source

  21. Aditya Hajare Avatar

    wow! your voice is quite robotic.. lol.. great stuff btw! cheers!

  22. Chris Kavanagh Avatar

    Derek, I thought (maybe mistakenly) that it was common to set font-size in the body to 100%, that way you'd automatically have 1em be 16px?

    You have font-size in body set to 62.5%. Is this just your preference? If so, why?

    PS: Thank you!

  23. Romy Kim Avatar

    Thanks to you, I now got the concept of absolute and relative. But, I'm still unsure how they are matching. What makes sure that ul.gallery span goes with ul.gallery li instead of .wrapper ? My only guess is how they are nested in html…. am I close ?

  24. Darcy Cardinal Avatar

    Thanks for posting, what a great time saver for the beginner here!

  25. M Saf Avatar

    I like your videos, keep the work up 😀

  26. SWERIC1 Avatar

    Great stuff, I have the hardest time with CSS !

  27. Ascaron50 Avatar

    i don't understand why margin: 0 auto; if you want 0 on top and bottom just write margin: auto;

  28. Skypager Avatar

    Whoops I was looking for Counter Strike Source lmao

  29. Cynthia Hanning Avatar

    From now on I am going to call everyone internet or internet friends, or hello internet, or what up internet… I love your tutorials, just found you yesterday but you get right to the point and unlike other video channel youtubers that take 5 minutes for their intro and then another 10 minutes to explain one point, omg I want to tear my hair out, but not you, oh no, you are my hero Mr. Internet, thank you so much, stay classy internet. <3

  30. Vrosh Abhisam Avatar

    +1 subscriber, keep it up XD

  31. gevariya bhumil Avatar

    I´ve seen so many of your tutorials that when i sleep with my girlfriend i start with "Let´s come in here"…….

  32. Mehmet Efe Akça Avatar

    you should teach machine learning

  33. Mugabi Muhammad Avatar


  34. Mugabi Muhammad Avatar

    YOU GUY YOU ARE TOO GOOD. BUT WHY?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????why are you too good?????????????????

  35. Nadeem Ahmad Avatar

    Great video. Thank You! 🙂

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