CSS Tutorial – 2 – Basic Structure and Syntax

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25 responses to “CSS Tutorial – 2 – Basic Structure and Syntax”

  1. Sky Versace Avatar

    Republic Polytechnic brought me here.

  2. Yeah Yeah Avatar

    no need to have two bodies, you could just put

    body {color: blue; background-color: red;}

    good tut though!

  3. TheBlueName Avatar

    Anyone from RP?

  4. XDRosenheim Avatar

    I know that your comment is 6 months old, but…
    Look at his channel, he has a xHTML and CSS tutorial from 2011, much better then this one 🙂

  5. Hobo Bish Avatar

    @CustomDataSolution No, he used Notepad++

  6. 90cdowns Avatar

    Hey, can u make a video explaining CSS Reset please.

  7. Leo Cardenas Avatar

    Hi, what html editor are you using in this video? Thanks.

  8. Mihai Avatar

    K guys im useing notepad ++…what language should i chose form the menu? i guess boston is useing html,isn't he?

  9. monofono2006 Avatar

    @TheScriptingChannel also if you want to change a lot of things rather than going through each and every one of those things you can just change it quickly up on the top.

  10. pMaEdLdTy Avatar

    He is using notepad++

  11. Shakaama Avatar

    what editor are you using there sparky?

  12. jeff Avatar

    @snitchables CS:S 😛

  13. snitchables Avatar

    Thumbs up if you we're looking for counterstrike source stuff 😛

  14. lojken6 Avatar

    @diego14brproduction hahaa i know 🙂 i was just joking ;P cus i was searching on css (counter strike source) and this was at the top of the list lol

  15. Diego Eduardo Avatar

    @xXChuckles i use notepad++ so that would b a rlly good program for this or adobe dreamweaver but u have to pay

  16. Diego Eduardo Avatar

    @lojken6 thats a good game wat does it have to do with coding css? i see counter=c strike=s and source= s which = css but coding isnt a game lol

  17. Diego Eduardo Avatar

    wait so the background color and the txt stuff can go in between the head tags? wat is the head tags rlly for?

  18. lojken6 Avatar

    counter strike source

  19. Lusi Lu Avatar

    ur the best!!!
    thank you

    it's easy to learn Css with u <3

  20. ahmed alaa Avatar

    @xXChuckles using any text program like notepad and just change the format to .html ,and it's much easier to download a well-advanced notepad like Notepad++ or any other text program u prefer

  21. OneGamblor Avatar

    I know how to do all of this from other html tutorials but you explain it so well and clearly. That I now know why I have to do the things you say in the video, its great to have background information .

  22. Mallet Head Avatar

    Your web site seriously SUCKS. No. Seriously it SUCKS.

  23. rbrtchng Avatar

    notepad is extremely good since it doesn't do stupid autofixes that other programs do, but it's very hardcore. If you want a bit of help, I'd suggest expression web, it's free too. As for the tutorial, I think it's also important to give a bit of intro to objects since CSS is all about objects or elements like block or inline. Also, you don't need any html elements if you name the file a css file, and have your html page call it externally.

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