CSS Video Tutorial Pt 1

Best HTML & CSS Book :

In this tutorial I cover how: To Link to External Style Sheets : To Embed Style Sheet : Definitions in HTML : What they Mean by Cascading : How CSS’s Work Differently with Inline versus Block Elements : How to Define Style Elements

Article and Code is Here:






31 responses to “CSS Video Tutorial Pt 1”

  1. TheStickofWar Avatar

    Hey Derek, I just wanted to say thank you as the knowledge I've been gaining from your videos alongside my University course has gotten me a placement as a Web Developer/Business Analyst. Whenever I have somebody ask me anything programming related I don't know I always point them here and you will have covered it in one of your videos.

    Looking forward to all future videos and constantly use your videos as reference

  2. Aman Mishra Avatar

    Hey Derek,
    I would like to inform you that around 3:50, you start talking about certain tags and how they are cascaded. But I wasn't able to understand what tags you were talking about since the cursor(probably it was me) was not visible at all.

    Could you possibly explain that?

    Person from the Internet

  3. haider malik Avatar

    Dear Derek Banas: Your videos are very helpful.How do you learn code? What is your secret to learn new programming languages?What is your method of learning programming language?.Could you please share these ideas with us?

  4. madman Avatar

    am i the only one who think he is better than bucky in every possible way?

  5. yerfillag Avatar

    Hey Derek! First of all, I love your videos!
    But I was wondering, what's the difference between name (which you reference with # in CSS) and class (referenced with . )? I've seen you use both of them in your videos and I'm not exactly sure when to use which. Thanks!

  6. Ethashamuddin Mohammed Avatar

    Derek, Is this the right sequence of your videos to learn? CSS/CSS3/SASS/RespWebDesign/Bootstrap/JS/OOJS/JQuery&AJAX/JQuery – I have already completed your html5 videos.

  7. Sarah Clayton Avatar

    I'm curious. I am using Windows 7 and I noticed that you use Text Wrangler. What do you think would be a good editor to use outside of just opening up Notepad.?

  8. Jennifer Ward Avatar

    indeed I am in South Africa and think you are fabulous!! So fans all around the world 🙂

  9. Maria Lee Avatar

    How can I introduce css into my html document?

  10. yash attri Avatar

    Can u give an example for it in a tutorial?

  11. yash attri Avatar

    Where is voice-family used in css?

  12. yash attri Avatar

    Where is voice-family used in css?

  13. News Box Avatar

    hey derek, please do you have any place where i can learn to add an image slideshow to an html5 site, a dynamic slideshow that transits on it own

  14. Monsef Lyrics Avatar

    Thank you so much Derek for those amazing tutorials. 

  15. theeggylegs Avatar

    Derek I'm just getting started with HTML5, CSS3, and PHP, and I came across your tutorials. I first saw your "PHP in 30 minutes" video and thought "holy cow this guy goes way too fast for me. But then I saw some of your other videos and realized that you also go at a reasonable but concise pace for new learners.
    Thanks for taking the time and effort to share these. It's really great to have professionals (maybe not by trade, but at least by virtue) out there who are willing to share their knowledge just for the sake of sharing.
    Very much appreciated and already passed on to a fellow learner.  

  16. Kludge Avatar

    Is it fine if I use negative margin?
    (sorry if you discussed this in the video, I already have pretty good grasp on css, so I haven't watched this… yet >:3)

  17. Conor McGregor Avatar

    Derek can you help me out here?
    I have a simple website that consists of 4 pages assigned divs to each of them:  
        header.php                 (included page) 
        content.php                (included page)
            sidebar.php            (included page)
            div class="main"    (inline content)
        footer.php                  (included page) 

    When i try to float "Sidebar" and "Main" divs side by side inside of "Content" div using CSS.
    the "Sidebar" div gets floated out of "Content" div. Do you know why is that?
    If this is not a good idea, do you recommend to have a Container div that includes all the divs?

  18. Linh Nguyen Avatar

    Why is 'this is bold' not purple?
    Since it reached an inline statement, 
    shouldn't it revert using the paragraph style?

  19. Nitin Katiyar Avatar

    Helpful.. but what is next css tutorial link you mentioned in video?

  20. Eder Santos Avatar

    Great tutorial!!!
    I am new on HTML & CSS and your tutorial has been a life saver for me 🙂

  21. grimlek Avatar

    Derek your tutorials are kick ass

  22. Rayan Majed Avatar

    i can watch hours and hours non stop .. i appreciate the effort you make.. i'm really thankful

  23. Rayan Majed Avatar

    everything is so simple and can be understood easily.. i love your tutorials ..

  24. Rayan Majed Avatar

    derek you are simply amazing .. 

  25. allbecauseican Avatar

    How come at 5:16, the H1s skipped lines without a line break?  Meaning instead of saying "This is H1" it made H1 be on a new line.

  26. mbaraka shaali Avatar

    habari zene wna you tube

  27. Wilfredo Lopez Avatar

    your videos are fantastic. i'm going to try to squeeze more of them into my schedule 

  28. PJ Gunn Avatar

    Love your tutorials!

  29. Akshay Balasubramanian Avatar

    Hi Derek, I am still a little confused about the cascading of the colors from a parent element to its nested element. Based on what I understand, you are saying that a nested block element will not get the color of the parent block element, instead will get the color of the body which is the parent inline element. But I am not sure it works that way.
    For eg:
           body {color: green;}
           div { color: blue;}
          body text color
              div color
             <ul>ul is a block tag and should be ideally green color</ul>

    Need your help to better understand this.

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