Debugging C# Code in Visual Studio

Learn to use debugging tools in Visual Studio to effectively debug your C# applications.

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10:32 Writing Reliable Code
19:52 Defensive Programming
27:41 Call Stack Window
29:28 Locals and Autos Windows


Events and Delegates









17 responses to “Debugging C# Code in Visual Studio”

  1. Am Sun Avatar

    Your lesson don't follow any rhythm, jumping from scenario to scenario just confusing beginners.

  2. Fruity Code Avatar

    Your tutorial are awesome !! I have completed c# console basics now what should i do next .

  3. Felipe Hernandez Mena Avatar

    i like the way you teach, we want more!

  4. Dustin Huff Avatar

    what about debugging in c

  5. vinit patil Avatar

    can u make videos on ethnic haking

  6. Semi Kolon Avatar

    Watch window option is missing in my visual studio.
    Which version of visual studio are you using?

  7. Tanweer Ahmed Avatar

    hi bro.
    the program is not working i mean dubbing ?? in vs c# programs
    plz help

  8. George Hatoutsidis Avatar

    How you emable this lines on your editor i have the same visual comunity 2015

    class {

  9. George Hatoutsidis Avatar

    nice tutorial bro can you tell me how you make this green and blue vertical line on your editor is show where is stard and wher is fininish the codde is more easy to see the code tell me??

  10. Japheth Jay Avatar

    I know i might be bugging you right now, but the theme is really important to me, because it helps my vision, i have been putting on lenses for i don't know over 2 decades now, and just recently i started having migraines when i look at too bright a source of light, and most of the themes i use in visual studio even the dark one the white font-color is still too bright, so i just wanted to know more about the settings of the editor, if there is anything else you added after installing resharper.

  11. Bernard Robert Avatar

    I am having a error message in the code: Cannot convert from 'System.Collection.Generic.List<int> to 'int'
    Cannot implicity convert 'int' to 'System.Collections.Generic.List<int> . What does it mean?

  12. jacob p Avatar

    Hello Mosh! Thanks for the quick video. I have a few questions.

    1) So with the Call Stack, as you move back up the stack it shows you what line it last executed in that method before entering the new method? If so that seems like that would be good so that you don't have to read the whole method or wonder where it began to crash. If it is a long method then you can spend a lot of time trying to figure out where and what caused it.

    2) How you know when you should throw an exception verses just alerting the user that his number is invalid? There is a rule of thumb or an article I should read?

    3) How do I know which exception to throw? Do i just create the error and then throw the same exception? Should i learn or memorize a list of exceptions?


  13. saif alradhi Avatar

    Great Job Mosh , Waiting for The Entity Framework course.
    I'm curious when u will upload it? 🙂

  14. Shimax Avatar

    Can you upload the exercise file, so that it will be easier to follow along with, Thanks

  15. EgyptUnderGroundArmy Avatar

    first comment 😛
    I'm curious where do you come from? your name sounds middle eastern

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