Demo of An E-commerce App Built with Angular, Firebase and Bootstrap 4

This is the project that we’re going to build in my complete Angular Master Class. Enroll here:






16 responses to “Demo of An E-commerce App Built with Angular, Firebase and Bootstrap 4”

  1. Ahmed Alzhrani Avatar

    Luckily I am enrolled in this Angular Course at Udemy which means I get access to this project tutorial for free. It is the best thing I could hope for to practice the concepts learned in the course. Although you could have put this project in a separate course by itself and charge for it, you chose to give it away for free to your faithful students.

    Thank you, you're the most awesome instructor I have seen in my life.

    I would recommend Mosh any day for anyone that is serious about learning and following best practices in developing applications. Especially, C#,, Entity framework, Angular.

  2. Evan Taylor Avatar

    Thanks alot Mosh… Much appreciated. Just started with the course so I will be getting to this once I understand the fundamentals.

  3. Francis Euston Avatar

    Thank you Mosh. You have a lot of love in your heart… God bless you.

  4. Iván Ruiz Avatar

    I appreciate so much all you efforts to do this amazing section and this amazing course

  5. mual77 Avatar

    You are doing really a great job Mosh!!
    AMAZING contents!!
    Thank you very much

  6. ben ahmed Zohra Avatar

    I totally liked your work, u have the best pedagogy ever , thank you 🙂

  7. Sibi Ravindran Avatar

    Totally worth every dollar 🙂

  8. Samantha Vale Avatar

    great! thank you!!!

  9. Christian Nikolov Avatar

    Razor Syntax + jQuery RIP.

  10. Gerardo Palazuelos Guerrero Avatar

    I really like Mosh's courses. This final project will kill my following gaming nights, but for sure it will totally worth :D… thanks dude!

  11. João Brambilla Avatar

    Thanks for working hard to bring us such a valuable content! I've watched other courses that you taught and you always keep the level of your courses extremely high! Certainly the best instructor I've ever taken lessons from!

  12. alfred mohenu Avatar

    When I received your email and I started reading, I was filled with so much emotion when I got to the part that said that 'I worked many nights until 2 am and the only thing that kept me going was thinking that you would watch these videos and become better software engineers.' Such dedication to help all beginners out there. Thank you so much Mosh. God bless you.

  13. Eric William Avatar

    Is the video quality of the course in Udemy limited to 720p , or is 1080p available? 720p is not enough to read the file names in the sidebar of the text editor.

  14. Yosvaldy Fernandez Avatar

    As always, one of the better! Totally recommended! I have all his courses, and I can tell you that worth it every dollar invested.

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