Devise for User Accounts – DIY Twitter Clone #6

In this video tutorial, we will be using the Devise gem to implement user accounts and authentication in our social network. By using Devise, our Twitter clone will come pre-loaded with best practices including mailer (for sign-ups), password hashing and session timeouts. Devise is a very well documented gem, and can be integrated into nearly any Ruby on Rails project requiring user accounts and authentication capability.

Download this project’s files at:


“Clean Code” by Robert C. Martin:
“Game Coding Complete” by Mike McShaffry:
“JavaScript and JQuery” by Jon Ducket:


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13 responses to “Devise for User Accounts – DIY Twitter Clone #6”

  1. Nejat Sultan Avatar

    OMG, You really amazing. Thank you!! 🙂

  2. Kyle King Avatar

    While trying to run the 'rails generate devise:install' – I got this error:

    Running via Spring preloader in process 18293
    Expected string default value for '–rc'; got false (boolean)
    Expected string default value for '–rc'; got false (boolean)
    Expected string default value for '–helper'; got true (boolean)
    Expected string default value for '–assets'; got true (boolean)
    Could not find generator 'devise:install'. Maybe you meant 'assets', 'generator' or 'coffee:assets'
    Run `rails generate –help` for more options.

    I followed everything correctly so im not sure what happened, please help ASAP!

  3. Hamzah AbuAloush Avatar

    I couldn't find much better developers, please include a link for donations . thank you

  4. Darrell Mayson Avatar

    Ridiculously easy! Having dabbled in PHP authentication from scratch I'm amazed at how easy this was to implement >< Props to the people behind Devise and thanks for the super easy installation walk through.

  5. storkraft Avatar

    Shouldn't we create a user controller for this app? (Newbie questions)

  6. Danan Joyo Avatar

    i have an issue when installing the devise gem, when i run 'bundle install' it wont installed correctly. when i type 'bundle show devise' ive got a message " couldnt find gem 'devise' ". anyone ?

  7. Andrew Pitzer Avatar

    bundle install is not reading the devise gem, so I am having issues moving on… what should I do?

  8. PlaZinumia Avatar

    Running via Spring preloader in process 27396
    Could not find generator 'devise:install'. Maybe you meant 'assets', 'generator' or 'coffee:assets'
    Run `rails generate –help` for more options.

  9. Richard Williams jr Avatar

    hello i love the tutorials , but i did run into a problem when i went to bundle install the devise gem everything went fine , but when i went to do rails generate devise: install i got this error Running Spring perloader in process 46801 could not find generator 'devise'. If you could help i would appreciated thank you in advance.

  10. Matthew Slaton Avatar

    Keep up the good work. I was able to follow along error free!

  11. DevFactor Avatar

    Had to take a short break for a family reunion, and got sick right afterwards 🙁 Was able to get this video edited this morning, and hopefully I can pick up the pace again! Phew! It's a lot of work recording and editing these tutorials! #programming #rubyonrails

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