Difference between Junior and Senior Developers

This is the first episode of my late-hour Q&A shows. Post your questions below in the comments section, and if I find them valuable to others, I’ll include them in my upcoming shows.






24 responses to “Difference between Junior and Senior Developers”

  1. Bobby Bojangles Avatar

    Is microsoft access not good to use? What should i use instead?

  2. Bla Blum Avatar

    A list of newest buzz technologies does not make you a good programmer. To the contrary. Know something really well and stick with it is a pretty good strategie (to a point). The "throw more tech on it" craze in the microssoft universe seldomly serves anything (other then feeding those teaching it) and is actually quite sad.

  3. rel roar Avatar

    Hi Mosh, why don't we see any tutorials or material for android studio?

  4. Programming Avatar

    What's wrong with Access? I bet it does more than you think.

  5. Muhammad Shahzad Avatar

    Thanks, you change my direction through this video 🙂

  6. Muhammad Zeeshan Avatar

    Hi Mosh, I want to know that I am absolute new in programming, I am interested to learn that but due to lot of languages and changing dynamics of development industry, I am unable to find any single language which is better and affordable for me to get in to the Development industry.
    My keen interest is in development.
    I hope you will give some sigh on this.

  7. Omar XS Avatar

    I've been looking for some clarity around the topic, and I feel my search for the right path to becoming a good developer ended as I know where I need to go now. Thank you Mosh. Excellent content as per the norm with all your other videos and Udemy courses! I wish you well.

  8. Nida Munir Avatar

    Thanks Mosh. Please post more videos like this one. Thanks

  9. hosein djadidi Avatar

    Dear mosh,
    Thx for you'r amazing video, now I have a direction for my future career.

  10. Steve Shaffar Avatar

    Good insight into the differences between junior and senior developers. I enjoyed your definition and the presentation was fun to listen to.

  11. Abshir Ahmed Avatar

    thanks mosh for simplify my journey to be a Senior Developer

  12. ihab s Avatar

    What does that means?

  13. Jason Short Avatar

    Interesting your list was more tech focused (patterns / tech usage / debugging).  For most of my career it has been far more about understanding the business needs for the product / solution.  Senior Developers are expected to understand the customer, what the end to end scenarios are and how they impact the code.  Senior people are expected to be able to communicate with the stake holders (written and verbal).

    Junior developers focus on just writing code that was designed by someone else, they don't think about the big picture.    They don't usually know how to build an end to end system, just parts at a time.

    Of course in my world there are no Senior Web Developers (only cowboys who run from framework to framework and don't care about supporting it for 5+ years).  I'm only partly kidding here.

    I have to disagree though about maintaining code is nothing to be proud of…  Developers who start with a large working system and have to learn it and move the code forward to handle new scenarios are far more advanced that people who just write small systems for learning.  Real world code is complicated.

    Interesting video though.

  14. Charl Best Avatar

    Great advice! Really like you ideas and comments in the video. I'm going for it 😉

  15. Omego2K Avatar

    The reason these consultants get a senior title is because they complete tasks that they were contracted to do with minimal bugs. What happens after is not their problem. We have a senior dev here who doesn't do unit testing. Would likely fail on every criteria you mentioned. He got the job because the company needed somebody urgently and the agency they work with said he is a senior dev. On the first day he said he does TDD and then later said he thinks TDD is lazy because it doesn't make you think about the architecture. However, looking at the solution he has I can't identify a single design pattern except an UNUSED singleton. He has a small amount of integration tests that he calls unit tests. I think devs like him get jobs because they embellish their knowledge and experience.

  16. Majd Alhayek Avatar

    Hi Mosh, can you please suggest a good lesson to learn code testing from a senior point of view?

  17. action baby Avatar

    Hey Mosh! Thank you so, so much. That was awesome! I'm feeling lucky to have come across this, as it was the one question I kept asking as soon as the first day I became an intern as a developer. Recently introduced to PHP & mysql, due to building websites through building a wordpress theme, being familiar only with HTML and CSS. Please advise… I know what they are responsible for. The $M question is; When exactly does a node package manager and a task manager become necessary and whether there are starter themes that will install them at a push of a button…are they available on crowd-source platforms? Alternatively, will there be projects when they won't be necessary and why?

  18. Юрій Руд Avatar

    clear answer, thank you! You drew me a road map!

  19. Rotbart1337 Avatar

    Is it possible to draw level with senior developers if you start out as a beginner. Like is there a saturation in the learning curve? Cause i feel like I not only have to learn the fundamentals, but also keep up with the advancing technology at the same time.

  20. katta saichand Avatar

    but we are expecting developing the real world appliction.plz provide us it's really helpful for all.Thank you

  21. katta saichand Avatar

    the way you are delvering is very very nice

  22. Ayeshmantha Perera Avatar

    Hey thnx mosh it was grt now knw what to cover

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