Disable Comments In WordPress


Learn how to disable comments in wordpress. This is for wordpress pages and posts.






18 responses to “Disable Comments In WordPress”

  1. George Karanikolos Avatar

    Hey Tyler, just a quick question. I want comments on on my blog posts but I want the "Leave a Reply" box to have a black background instead of a white one. Any ideas?

  2. Akinola Sherif Avatar

    Hello Tyler, I am totally captivated by your videos and will always recommend your videos to anyone that care to listen. Please, what do you think is the best web design software for a beginner? I am currently making a research on that even on LinkedIn but everybody seems to tend towards CSS, JavaScript, Dreamweaver etc but with all your WordPress videos, I am confused.


    Hey Tyler, Again awesome videos ! It's hard to keep focused with so many cool videos.
    The Responsive theme doesn't have the discussion check box at the bottom anymore.
    I don't want to have any posts, discussions, or dates on the site and I keep trying all sorts of "logical" moves, to no avail.
    Can you HELP?
    Thanks again.

  4. anna manvelyan Avatar

    Hi Tyler could you help me.. I want to disable wordpress standard comments but I want to leave facebook's ones pls help

  5. Amandeep Saran Avatar

    Oops I got it already…Thanks Tylor as always your great.

  6. Amandeep Saran Avatar

    Tylor sir how do I remove option saying Website in comment box. I mean I dont want any one to state their website in my comment box.??

  7. Kristie Ghioni Avatar

    Just what I needed to know! Thanks

  8. Miguel Aristizabal Avatar

    How do i remove the white text box of the pages of this theme? I do not have it in my home but in the rest of pages

  9. Tyler Moore Avatar

    thats Awesome, Alan! 🙂

  10. Tyler Moore Avatar

    Will do! thank you!

  11. Mentorcase Avatar

    What are the trackbacks for?

  12. Alan Sharland Avatar

    Amazing, was wanting to work out how to do that, and up popped your video! Thanks!

  13. noahandgabrielsmum Avatar

    Go look at. noahandgabriel.co.uk and see what this man has helped me to achieve.
    I think you will be impressed.
    My first website and, I am a carpenter/ joiner. Not I.T by any means.
    Thank you so much. !

  14. noahandgabrielsmum Avatar

    So pleased with my website already……Keep the tips coming. Fantastic work.

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