Disintegration Effect: Photoshop Tutorial

In today’s step by step Photoshop tutorial. We will be learning how to create a Disintegration Effect. We will be focusing on adding the disintegration effect by using “particle” Photoshop brushes, Masks and the Liquify tool. We also we will adding a cracked texture and blending/warping it to look as if it’s wrapping around her face. I will also be using the Camera Raw filter a little bit and adjustment layers to make the color of the image really stand out. For the final step I will show you how to make the model eyes stand out immensely. Hope you enjoy. Don’t forget to leave a like! 🙂

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40 responses to “Disintegration Effect: Photoshop Tutorial”

  1. Photoshop Tutorials Avatar

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    You are best photoshop expert 😉

  3. William D. Ramirez Avatar

    I enjoyed learning from the well planned and executed explanation of camera lenses and trick photography. Written in a conversational tone. Short and sweet tour of the terminology and techniques of contemporary Digital SLR camera lenses: "glass". The best part is the very helpful graphics that make it easy to understand basic lens concepts and
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  4. abir khan Avatar

    what is the name of the application

  5. Daily Dontel Avatar

    Everytime I try to add color with the paint brush it doesn't show I get nothing

  6. Mr. Batman Avatar

    why i cant find liquify ??

  7. Daniel K Avatar

    Was the intro music a real song or was it just youtubes music? If so whats the nsme of it

  8. Atika Amalia Avatar

    what kind of brush u're using?

  9. HARSH JAIN Avatar

    how to make a flat avtar like cartoon image plz upload a vedio on that

  10. Chrisbogmaj Avatar

    where is the unedited picture?
    I mean the one with the woman

  11. Mahreen Athar Avatar

    Where can i download this picture?

  12. Vikram Saraf Avatar

    unable to add the effect

  13. BGrandomPlays Avatar

    i dont have camera raw filter 🙁
    help please

  14. Mario Cilento Avatar

    where do you find those brushes ?

  15. Dala hodaifa Avatar

    oh my god .. very creativveee .. cant wait i want to try this

  16. Mathyos Maty Avatar

    please can you send these brushes i love these collection of brushes

  17. George Kimutai Avatar

    where do we get the brushes? i dont seem to have those ones

  18. Amanda Russo Avatar

    when trying to fill layer mask it will not fill with black paint bucket. each time.

  19. chrizpher Avatar

    This is cool but do one with a natural backgroud not one color

  20. Abdullah khandaker Avatar

    can i wanted to know what is best version for Photoshop and your adobe Photoshop version please

  21. Nagy Lőrinc Avatar

    its so understandly…… 😀 its a good video, with good picture….. nice work 🙂

  22. Jimboy Garan Avatar

    i dunno why my dispersion effect is not showing up and even the smoke i already click brush and the effect i want and then when i'm applying it to the image nothing happens like the fck ive wasted so much time

  23. Jimboy Garan Avatar

    Why in me i click the Effect but when im click it to the image or subject it never have the effect still clean

  24. Senior_Chicken Avatar

    i can't add the brush to "effects" 5:32

  25. behati selder Avatar

    When I click on window- liquify it does it for me already. I don't know why nothing else shows like the stuff that poped up in your screen. Help please.

  26. george v Avatar

    everytime I go to the black mask to stark painting the effect nothing shows up, what am I doing wrong

  27. marko djuric Avatar

    Thanks man,you save my life……I study web design and your lesson help me a lot.
    I wish you all best

  28. nina salerno Avatar

    won't let me download the brushes


    Absolutely superb! Brilliant image! Bravo.

  30. Max Avatar

    is there the chance to get the downloadlink for the brush?

  31. Wen Wen Avatar

    odd that I don't have camera raw filter on my photoshop CS6..

  32. emerald ellyse Avatar

    I really enjoy watching your tutorials! They're easy to learn especiallly I'm a teacher and I had zero knowledge on Photoshop before! Now I'm pretty confident teaching it 🙂

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