Disintegration Particle Effect | photoshop Tutorial cs6

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Photoshop CS6 Tutorial Efecto de Dispersion de Humo

in this disintegration effect tutorial which is also known as splatter effect tutorial i will show you how you can transform any regular photo into cool looking effect where some parts of the photo is flying away in small little peaces.

There is not much to say about it the tutorial is pretty simple and basic so even beginners can follow it too.

So, I hope you learned something from this photoshop tutorial and as always if you have any questions feel free to ask me in the comments, and have some fun with photoshop 🙂


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31 responses to “Disintegration Particle Effect | photoshop Tutorial cs6”

  1. io sawkali kaci Avatar

    where did u get this nice images? high quality and nice to work on them with photoshop.. u know what i mean.

  2. julius Avatar

    Mine say, this brush not compatible with my version

  3. Michael Raboy Avatar

    you are my master, thank you man.

  4. Reepa Media Avatar

    when refining my layer mask instead of adding to the photo it erases it, any idea how to fix this?

  5. Zaphkiel Avatar

    There are several brush names, which you use please? Explosion 13? Thx

  6. Afaq Ahmed Avatar

    You are so cool .. I really love your tutorials.. Simply Awesome

  7. ramakanth p Avatar

    best explaination ever seen

  8. Trần Nguyễn Đức Nhật Avatar

    Brush don't work, help me please

  9. MD. IMRAN SULTAN Avatar

    plz give me the links for the brushes

  10. ElizabethR1558 Avatar

    I love your tutorials, but the brush link is not the same as the one you use. I've scrolled down and tried them all. I've downloaded it twice, and checked it's the right name several times.
    The brush is there in photoshop, but the brushes are different.

  11. Omkar Prabhu Avatar

    how do installl the brush

  12. imCxzii Avatar

    the link for the splatter doesnt seem to work ;(

  13. bassblast punjabisongs Avatar

    dude what is the link for downloading these brushes which you used ?

  14. Raut Vinod Avatar

    from where u download the brushes

  15. Randomness ReduX Avatar

    You deserve waaaayyyy more subscribers and viewers. your tutorials are AWESOME! Keep up the good work tho 😀

  16. Yash Gulati Avatar

    not got the same brushes 2499… like yours

  17. Rahul Kale Avatar

    Really good tutorial.Learning so much from your videos. Thank You 😀

  18. Matthew Flores Avatar

    Figured it out, thanks for the links man.

  19. Ryan Cowdrey Avatar

    Dhruval, your videos are awesome, you are very talented! What hardware do you use, and do you design on the side as well, apart from teaching tutorials?

  20. Vishnu dev Avatar

    U have some awesome skills!!! Where r u from bro?

  21. Dj Downhill Avatar

    i can't find any of these brushes in this link that you gave.

  22. Bogdan Pupeza Avatar

    You are the best ! 😀 Ty ! <3

  23. pK Avatar

    what to do after downloading the filethe brushes don't come to photoshop

  24. Matthias Borr Avatar

    Thx for the tutorial, cool.
    I heard it several time but i could not understand the website you downloaded the brushes.

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