Dispersion Effect: Photoshop Tutorial

In this Photoshop Tutorial, I will teach you how to create a dispersion effect. This effect has become very popular. It looks fairly complicated, but it’s actually quite simple. I believe the hardest part was finding the perfect free brush set for the effect. Which I have provided below. A few things we’ll be doing is creating the effect using brushes and masks. We’ll also be using a broken glass texture. I will then add a nice gradient for the image, then for the final step, I will sharpen the image and effect to make it stand out much more. I hope you like this tutorial.

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  2. shmo247 vlogs Avatar

    I don't get the refine edge tool


    thanks man its beautiful

  4. UzuMaki ashref Avatar

    the brush in not working pls help when i click on a spot it become black

  5. SCOTT BURKE Avatar

    what photo is that

  6. Jothy John Avatar

    Thanks for the lesson..

  7. Pallash Pamnani Avatar

    i don't know why, but i can't add the dispersion effect

  8. Jay Panoncio Avatar

    I like your tutorial. It is a great tutorial!

  9. naresh gohil Avatar

    Good work sir…i like this videos

  10. Martin Kapsh Avatar

    Great Tutorial can't wait to try, thnx!

  11. NonoFern Avatar

    Muy bueno!! Pero, por favor, sube m谩s en espa帽ol!!

  12. Kamlesh Lohar Avatar

    Which was your brush for dispersion? Can you give me the description

  13. Absar Hussain Avatar

    What's your facebook account name and which photo you have on timeline for identification , I want to talk to you

  14. Inverser Pro Avatar

    Please tell me how did you create a preview for this video?

  15. { Spino} Avatar

    i pressed refine edge and i dont get the menu with the brush tool

  16. Msv Editz Avatar

    Stop PS and switch to AFFINITY PHOTO NOW!

  17. Daidrian Avatar

    i cant even get to the ''fill'' part, mine is grayed out

  18. BLiNDEAD Avatar

    When i click "Liquify" Photoshop freeze and crash… Why? I have CS6 version.

  19. Ayesha Irfan Avatar

    my PS stops working when I do the 1:57 output to layer mask step 馃檨

  20. Neptuber Avatar

    Which version photoshop is this

  21. Rojas Huembes Avatar

    que version de photoshop es?

  22. Siddarth Arcot Avatar

    i don't have an apply layer mask option pls help

  23. arshawin s Avatar

    may i know what version of photoshop is it?

  24. Ben Benkhadra Avatar

    It would have been Better if you used voice instead of text. But good job any ways

  25. Leonardo Calcagno Avatar

    You are the best! Thanks for share its very useful for my work!!

  26. David Chalk Avatar

    When I use the liquify brush it seems to drag out a separate image so I have the original and the distorted one as well. Any help
    would be appreciated! I am using CS6. Thanks in advance!

  27. Grimmjow GR Avatar

    Which Photoshop r u using ?

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