Divi Theme 3.0 Customization and Review | Tips and Tricks on Divi 3.0 for WordPress!

Learn how to use divi theme 3.0 by elegant themes with some cool features on how to fix video sliders for mobile. The divi theme just released its new wordpress visual page builder!

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In most cases, the video backgrounds for all themes will not play in the background on IOS devices. You can easily fix this by watching this tutorial. The custom modules in the divi theme allow you to disable certain sections on your wordpress website.

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8 responses to “Divi Theme 3.0 Customization and Review | Tips and Tricks on Divi 3.0 for WordPress!”

  1. Kerrie Redgate Avatar

    Thank you, Darrel. That's clever. Now I understand the significance of those "hide" choices!

  2. Jim Shollin Avatar

    Victoria Secret website plays a video on their mobile sites (just go there for examples!). Is this super advanced programming or are there tricks?

  3. Frank Olivio Avatar

    Darrel, You mention the video doesn't work on Apple devices, what about Android or Windows devices?

  4. Kaelin Motion Avatar

    Thanks for adding. I had already figured this out as a workaround, but good to confirm it is, for now, likely the best work around available. My main company is video production, so the video backgrounds were huge. It would be nice if you could just disable iOS…but honestly, they did not work properly on my android phone or iPad so for now complete mobile doable is likely best. Good stuff, thanks.

  5. Aamir Irshad Avatar

    very great channel bro

  6. Tony N Avatar

    Thanks for doing these tutorials!

  7. Vernon Nash Avatar

    Simple but effective advice. Thank you.

  8. Darrel Wilson Avatar

    Thanks for watching, let me know if you have any questions about the divi theme!

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