Divi Theme 3.0 Customization | Tips and Tricks For Divi 3.0 for WordPress!

In this wordpress tutorial for the divi theme, ill show you how to optimize your header text for the mobile devices! When using the text module for divi, its important to change your text to header because this will allow it to be optimal for the mobile and tablet devices!

The Divi theme 3.0 just released its new visual editor which makes creating a wordpress website super easy!

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Thanks to elegant themes for creating a real nice wordpress theme!






8 responses to “Divi Theme 3.0 Customization | Tips and Tricks For Divi 3.0 for WordPress!”

  1. Piano Lesson with Warren Avatar

    Hi Darrel, how do I install an older version of DIvi? I updated Divi to Version: 3.0.53 two days ago and it broke my store checkout. Tech support says thery are working to resolve it but it's talking them forever to resolve. They have provided those experiencing issues with the update the zip folder of the previous version, but when i try to upload and install the zip I get an error message saying theme alrerady exists.
    Any tips on this?


  2. Zachary Palman Avatar

    I use WordPress. BUT it is super hard to use! Yours look extremely easy. When you scroll over it has options and things. How are you able to do that? Is it a certain account with WordPress or theme?

  3. Chris McCormick Avatar

    Hi Darrel
    Really like all your stuff.
    Your opinion though…I have been told too many "h1"s on a page is not good for SEO?

  4. John Bastian Bolhano Avatar

    Text clumping together I always deal it with the line height.

  5. GeorgesGabb Avatar

    please can you make a tutorial to know how make an member space ( because i want sale my videos of training, the persons who will buy will be sent back to the member area to watch the videos )
    Thank for answer

  6. Paul Graf Avatar

    How very timely of you to make this video. I was just wondering the other day what the Header font, etc. was used for in the Text module. Thanks for the vid.

  7. Darrel Wilson Avatar

    Thanks for watching let me know if you have any questions!

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