Divi Theme 3.0 Tutorials for WordPress. Coming Soon.

Learn all the advanced features with the divi theme. The new divi theme 3.0 visual editor fully explained and discussed to help you create an amazing wordpress website. Full tutorials coming soon to explain everything. Thanks everyone for the support!

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15 responses to “Divi Theme 3.0 Tutorials for WordPress. Coming Soon.”

  1. Rotimi Soboyejo Avatar

    Hello Darrel please what is the title of the soundtrack?

  2. Wach Auf Avatar

    Hi Darrel could you do a super short tutorial on how to make more columns on the Divi theme? in case I'm not explaining myself, I would like to create 7 columns the thing is I do not know the exact code or in which of the many CSS boxes on the blurb to edit. Please help me!!

  3. Rishi Jain Avatar

    how much time…. i am desperately waiting for this tuts…. please
    lease upload it… please…

  4. RJ Harper Avatar

    waiting for what he really thinks of divi after he has completed the tutorial and used divi 3.0 for real and not just playing with it as before.

  5. Bomb Games Avatar

    nice iam a new sub

  6. Richard Asaolu Avatar

    Can't wait to see what Darrel is coming out with.Hope this is not another 100 days countdown like ET 🙂

  7. curlycombinations Avatar

    I can't wait. I was watching your other tutorial and then I went to buy the Divi theme and they had upgraded to 3.0. Would I still be able to your old tutorial to help get started with 3.0?

  8. Internet Free Avatar

    really waiting for it 🙂 😀

  9. Xamex Avatar

    Hello, i have a question, Is Avada Theme not better? Its nr. 1 Selling theme of all time. I want to buy a theme but cant decide witch one. Can you help me?

  10. mohand said Sadmi Avatar

    waiting for it, looking great !

  11. Peter Keijzer Avatar

    Awesome, Can't wait to see them here 🙂

  12. web2033 Avatar

    60 fps looks great!)

  13. Rishi Jain Avatar

    Amaizing tuts…. plz tell me when it will be launch… plz atleast mention date…

  14. TheProdisplay Avatar

    AWESOME! I´ll be waiting!!

  15. Sonny D Avatar

    This has to be the most epic video you ever made!!!

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