Double Color Exposure Effect Photoshop Tutorial

My most popular Photoshop tutorial on this channel is my guide to creating the trendy Double Exposure effect, where two photographs are blended into one image to create a surreal picture. I’ve since noticed that a new style of double exposure photography is becoming pretty popular, where two different coloured images are overlaid to create Double Color Exposure effect. Follow along with this tutorial as I show you how to create this effect using two model poses with the Channels in Photoshop.

Model photos from Shutterstock:

Watch my Double Exposure Effect Photoshop Tutorial:

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18 responses to “Double Color Exposure Effect Photoshop Tutorial”

  1. Mondrix Diseños Avatar

    Great ! Thank you very much !

  2. Alberto Achega Leitão Avatar

    the moment I press on the r or the g or the b and nothing happens WHY?!!!

  3. ElizabethR1558 Avatar

    Simple. Effective.
    Well explained and concise. Thanks.

  4. Esha Fajar K Avatar

    i tried script but get error it say like this

    Error 22:
    Line 388 why?

  5. Danny Herondale Avatar

    I suck at this xD but thank you, you are very good explaining <3

  6. Fedegundes Sauro Avatar

    Very cool, thanks for sharing.

  7. Mathis Karlsson Avatar

    your tutorials are always so inspiring. and your accent is super cool!could you please tell me what you record the screen with?

  8. AllianceScuttle Avatar

    Wait! Your that GTA guy that I loved!!!!

  9. Nicholas Chong Avatar

    Hi Chris, I wonder if you could do the never ending staircase illusion photoshop tutorial. If yes that will be great 🙂

  10. Munch Crunch Avatar

    I'm impressed with your work and knowledge sharing I've subscribed and even become a premium user on your website.

  11. Emrullah Baqci Avatar

    you perfect mann Im from turkey

  12. Déépák Déépü Avatar

    I subscribed you because of your accent and way to explaining.
    Thanks for sharing. You rock man!

  13. Maothi Avatar

    i don't have photosop man…

  14. Fabitalism Avatar

    What PC are you using? Specification ?

  15. Rainbow Wolfy Avatar

    you got the title wrong Xd

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