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In this double exposure tutorial i will show you how you can transform any regular photo into double exposure using photoshop.

i have already one double exposure effect tutorial and it is more advanced and longer then this so if you want to watch that video wait till the end of the video or you can click on this link

Now about this video, this is kind of a really simple version of what you can do with this effect, first of all i have given some tips for the people who are doing this effect for the first time that will make it even more simple for you to create this effect. And also links to all of the images that i used in this video are down below, they free so feel free to use them.

Then i will show you how to blend this two images properly and remove the unnecessary parts of the background so that your images look more professional and beautiful, after that there is a part where we will need to get read of the trunk of the tree, i will show a method with the use of the brush so that it every thing looks smooth.

After that i will show you how you can bring back lost details in the image and create a color effect so that it looks a little different then other double exposure effect. Then like every time we will do some color corrections and adjustment to give it some finishing touches.

So, I hope you learned something from this photoshop tutorial and as always if you have any questions feel free to ask me in the comments, and have some fun with photoshop 🙂

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36 responses to “Double exposure effect | photoshop tutorial”

  1. Tommy Berger Avatar

    I call this "Mother Nature"

  2. Varshitha Selvarajan Uma Avatar

    I swear to god you are SO CONFUSING

  3. Sanjiv Malviya Avatar

    and I have done my first photoshop editing.
    thanks you so much. thanks a lot

  4. Ayan Roy Avatar

    which adobe photoshop are you using?

  5. Paul Maessen Avatar

    Haha, you're a legend – that seems good to me!

  6. Eusebio Saldana Avatar

    Gracias , estupendamente explicado y un mavilloso trabajo. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Johanna vanpelt Avatar

    Great video! Thank you very much!

  8. Photoshop Tutorials PS101 Avatar

    Wow, Awesome! lets get to it!

  9. 李雅倩 Avatar

    Thanks a lot ! That's very helpful!

  10. Tafsir Ahmed Avatar

    Thanks Buddy. Helps me a lot.

  11. Smokin Ham Avatar

    Thank you for taking time to make these tutorials for us. Great job

  12. Sophia Sevilla Avatar


  13. Asit Avatar

    when i want to clear the face by using a brush painting it black it says "could not use the history brush because the history state does not contain a corresponding layer"

  14. Luc Lochard Avatar

    artistically done

  15. Rupika Rao Avatar

    This only took me one time and it was amazing

  16. Brittany Helton Avatar

    I was very impressed by this tutorial, it was very easy to understand and follow along. Thanks!

  17. Alex Vu Avatar

    Is this Photoshop Elements or Photoshop CC?

  18. Tamas Zsigmond Avatar

    All I can hear is iggidiggyiddiidiggy!

  19. mona thaneldein Avatar

    جزاك الله خيرا

  20. hakime ziani Avatar

    why didn't you just creat a clipping mask so you don't need to use brush tool to remove unwanted area

  21. Jid k Avatar

    아주 좋다

  22. Pamela B Avatar

    Excellent tutorial. Thank you!

  23. rhcplover77 Avatar

    If you go on Filter and click lens correction then you can give your image a vignette effect more easily and effectively.
    Great video by the way!

  24. Arsonic Avatar

    I'm not amazing at photoshop but instead of removing the trunk and using a brush could you have just filled it with content-aware or maybe used a clone stamp carefully?

  25. Bekarys Mekentai Avatar


  26. ju ju Avatar

    thank you very much!!

  27. Lillfiss Fiston Avatar

    wow i learn sumthin today thank you

  28. Alistyr Theodore Avatar

    what did you press to remove her hair with the brush

  29. Mischaamhaar Avatar

    When i click "lighten" my image dissapears…….

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