Double Exposure Effect: Photoshop Tutorial

In today’s Photoshop Tutorial, I will show you how to create a Double exposure effect by combining two images together, one of a person and another of a landscape.

Please keep in mind, if you’re not using the same images I used, you may have to adjust all the settings according to your images.


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32 responses to “Double Exposure Effect: Photoshop Tutorial”

  1. Arshia Iftikhar Avatar

    the picture looks amazing. Good Job! but i prefer you're other tutorials over this. wasnt explained that well

  2. Tassja Stephens Avatar

    When I move the 2nd photo to my first, it is fitting inside the "model" but it is black and white?! what do I do?

  3. Gogeta SSJ 4 Avatar

    bro thx a lot love you

  4. sayan Ray Avatar

    video speed very fast for learn

  5. -Zordex - Avatar

    i do everything and set the mode to lighten but it doesnt look good

  6. Juls V Avatar

    Thank you so much

  7. Playlists US-UK Avatar

    please give me a images !!

  8. Strong Le Avatar

    Save, thank for video

  9. Gary Dmello Avatar

    hey ctrl+t is not working in the part where I have to select the thumbnail…wat Should I DO!

  10. just a speckle of the dust in this universe Avatar

    at the first place i was kinda confused and then i realised that im using premiere pro for my goddamn project. i was lost. sorry.

  11. mr.Z Avatar

    I fucking love you

  12. damn babe. Avatar

    I cant make the selection ?

  13. Spectrum Split Avatar

    Thanks a lot, I got the basic idea for double exposure! 🙂

  14. Rose Eggleton Avatar

    What song is playing during this?

  15. MegaJspence1 Avatar

    Thank You! i have been working on this for awhile for my art class and could never get it done well, clearly illustrates how to do it. thanks again

  16. Pixelated Passion Avatar

    Thank you so much for taking your time in delivering this tutorial!!

  17. Andy Barrera Avatar

    I finally found a good tutorial; the others just blazed through the process without explaining things, thanks :))))

  18. Gajanan Junankar Avatar

    For ctrl+t problem. Go to model layer then make selection by magic wand, and then right click and select inverse. Make sure to select only model part not the white background.

  19. Avatar

    great tutorial, thanks!


    ctrl space doesn't work for me help plz

  21. Ahmed's TuBe Avatar

    can i select the model with quick selection tool or something else than pen tool ?

  22. Rai Avatar

    didnt see it all, but helped! thank you!

  23. Albert Drilon Avatar

    you hane my subscriction button!

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