Double Exposure Effect Photoshop Tutorial

In today’s video tutorial we’re going to create a surreal double exposure effect in Adobe Photoshop, which is based on the authentic multiple technique technique used by Photographers, where two photographs are exposed onto the same film to blend two images together.

Portrait image used:
Landscape image used:

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24 responses to “Double Exposure Effect Photoshop Tutorial”

  1. Rabia'atul Adawiyah Avatar

    help me, i cant 'inverse' ???? 2:06

  2. Nodus Avatar

    Thank you, you really helped my

  3. Prashant Shinde Avatar

    Thank You Spoon Graphics

  4. NINSHI Avatar

    its actually fucking cringe how the fuck u explain this

  5. Roop Sangha Avatar

    thanks mate, easy to follow

  6. STRAY Range Avatar

    I'm so fucking confused I can't copy the clip in

  7. CLASH ANk Avatar

    thanks worked…
    how to fill BG color in white ? time 2:16
    and again BG color 3:38 ????
    especially for windows not mac

  8. Ahmad Omari Avatar

    thanks for teaching, I always appreciate someone who takes time to teach others, but if you could provide more details, on how to copy and paste, turn the background white, and slow down your speed, it wouldn't give us such a hard time, most of us are beginners not advanced users of photoshop, just do it in your next segment of videos, thank you

  9. Néopla So crade Avatar

    asshole! ''tutorial'' in the title ! you killing of us…? nothing is explain, you speed, you frim is all!

  10. Conner O'Grady Avatar

    I've only had photoshop for a week and I understood how to follow along, I would honestly get impatient if you went slower. Nice tutorial and perfect pace, there's a pause button for a reason

  11. Logan Moss Avatar

    how do u copy and paste the background clipping onto a new layer

  12. 용진 Yvan 김 Avatar

    or you could just select them all and color overlay

  13. Rajat Gurung Avatar

    Can u help by letting me knw by how do i make a galaxy face video ?

  14. olamide oloniniyi Avatar

    Fucking horrible tutorial, if you can even call this a tutorial. Dude's just prattling like he's being paid based on the amount of words he can say within 5 minutes.

  15. hans smidth guzman Avatar

    put some subtitle XD u talk so fast dude


    this tutorial sucks

  17. EM Olson Avatar

    Way too fast for a beginner…. He assumes you know how to do quite a bit already. If I knew how to do most of the things that he assumes you already know, I would not need to watch this video because I would already know how do do this myself.

  18. Jamie Cunning Avatar

    Frustrating video mate, using keyboard shortcuts dont help 🙁

  19. Denis Jacques Avatar

    Too Fast man… don't forget that we are not all as good as you. were is your transcript?.. aa forget about it. will try to find some one better. thk

  20. Ayesha Irfan Avatar

    Thank you!
    I want my landscape image part to be a gif, so that a gif is layered over a person's face but PS isn't letting me import a gif for some reason 🙁

  21. Mason Cox Avatar

    maybe have what keys you are using to do these shortcuts so we know wtf is going on

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