Double Your Email Subscribers – SumoMe List Builder

SumoMe is a free tool that’s now considered to be one of the easiest methods to double your email subscribers, while offering sharing tools that allow you to double your traffic from top social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. SumoMe easily integrates into WordPress themes, allowing you to build stronger engagement among your blog readers; thus, promoting social shares and commitment within your online community. Not only does the tool increase the amount of people who find your blog, but also those who read and share your articles. It’s a simple and effective means to boost newsletter subscribers and the overall benefits a large subscriber base offers.






16 responses to “Double Your Email Subscribers – SumoMe List Builder”

  1. GoodFoodHealth Avatar

    Another great vid! Thanks James..

  2. Siddharth Raj Avatar

    how to remove sumo watermark ?

  3. Conste De Keep Avatar

    When you double 0 you get 0. Thanks for the vid anyway 🙂

  4. Rori O'Hara Avatar

    Seems the only people this is good for are people who are trying to sell website building services. I will watch your next video on using Mailchimp, where I can customize the lead magnet.

  5. Dave B Avatar

    Where is the list created? Do I have control over where this list is? Is it in a downloadable format that can be used by my newsletter campaign mailings? It looks to me that it only collects one week of Emails and the rest do not stay. I was only able to find 21 Email addresses when my actual Email account had 860. This means I did not have 839 of them! Of course in my Email it's not in a downloadable format so I have to collect each one by hand individually. IT takes hours, Not great.

  6. Elysee ojour Avatar

    Sumonme is no longer free, is there any other ways?

  7. chandan nasta Avatar

    Are you an expert in sumome. Can you help me out via teamviewer remotely?

  8. Ruth Yoerg Avatar

    How do you get more sign ups with list builder?

  9. Anca Mădălina Preoteasa Avatar

    So simple! Thank you for sharing this! 🙂

  10. Asia Alexander Avatar

    Thank you! This was very helpful.

  11. Keiran Kainth Avatar

    Hi James, who do you use to create those cartoony animated videos please?

  12. Chris Califano Avatar

    Would I use this in addition to an existing offer I have for a free ebook and newsletter subscription? So, it would also be popup at the end?

  13. Manic Investive Avatar

    this should have more views 🙁

  14. Ivan Zhang Avatar

    is it free forever ?

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