dramatic colors effect | photo manipulation | photoshop tutorial

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in this photoshop photo effect tutorial i will show you how you can transform a photo that is shot in studio background and then create a beautiful photo manipulation out of it.

This tutorial is mostly for the people who know basics in photoshop but if you don’t know that i have done my best to explain that in it.

i will start from creating the background and then i will show you some really cool ways to cut someone in photoshop so that you can have the best out put possible.

Things like shadows and lighting will also be covered in this Photoshop tutorial and in the end i will also show how to match colors so that it looks like a whole image and not some different peaces.

i have also included a part where i will use a png file to create really beautiful scene and use it to bring more depth of field in the final output.

So, I hope you learned something from this photoshop tutorial and as always if you have any questions feel free to ask me in the comments, and have some fun with photoshop 🙂


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13 responses to “dramatic colors effect | photo manipulation | photoshop tutorial”

  1. Santhosh Mallya Avatar

    Amazing video dude! if you were my teacher, i wouldnt skip a class 😀

  2. Dave Jr Avatar

    Lol " Hpow did I get this color?" Just play around seriously .. classic haha

  3. Dave Jr Avatar

    Can't believe I'm just now finding you 🙂 ty

  4. mahbub rakib Avatar

    great tutorial and thank you!!

  5. Angga Buana Avatar

    awesome work
    thank you …. 🙂

  6. Hugh Mobley Avatar

    good tutorial, slow down to 55 mph you are talking way too fast

  7. Sandra Versteegen-Charmant Avatar

    I am so sorry, my Handy kept saying that the message had a failure and didn't come through, so I tried a few times….. Now I know not to trust your phone! Terribly sorry….

  8. monir hossain Avatar

    thanks for your reply I hope u release this video soon

  9. Good Gollie YouzADodohead Avatar

    It's ok imo. Your explanation is spot on, but the the image needs a lot of improvement. But yeah overall, it's somewhat acceptable.

  10. whanauli Avatar

    Another good Tutorial, thanks.

  11. Sandra Versteegen-Charmant Avatar

    Hi, I have a question…. Can you tell me, or make a video, (if you would like or have time to do that…) about how to create a dramatic sky effect? I can't fins it anywhere. They only change skies, not work with the existing skies. I only work with my own pictures, not with stock photos. I would be so thankful…!

  12. Shohel Faridpur Avatar

    I am your fnz. see your video and learn this. but some problem. please released videos damaged picture repai

  13. Robert Thornhill Avatar

    I really like your tutorials. Very clear and precise with great content, thanks

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