Dreamweaver Tutorial – 6 – Formatting Links

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23 responses to “Dreamweaver Tutorial – 6 – Formatting Links”

  1. Andrei VERES Avatar

    one question: what would i do if i want only one link to not be underlined?

  2. penguinYT1 Avatar

    Another super job! Thank you!

  3. MrNbond Avatar

    Thannks man…just visted your website…have you made it in Dreamweaver?

  4. jeremy robinsonartist Avatar

    great and informative. you might want to consider saying "the first thing" a little less frequently.

  5. sonnetxi Avatar

    @thenewboston yeah i have the same problem with cs3; i have to right click and click 'make link' but i cant change target

  6. sonnetxi Avatar

    @mastermagicman heh mee too! only for me i was using dreamweaver for the first time ever

  7. Cris Etesam Avatar

    thanks thanks thanks!!!! i'm learning in advance, this topics are on the next sem, god bless you, thanks bucky!!!!

  8. trancein305 Avatar

    very important to never leave site.

  9. José Manuel San Román Sirvent Avatar

    20 minutes ago I was crap at dreamweaver, but when I saw your videos I became the master!!

  10. Jethro Au Avatar

    wow 4:26 you stayed up to 3:00 to make a video? impressive!

  11. D. Boogie Avatar

    Why can't use the preview option, have saved but when explorer launches it says diagnostic problem but i have another window open in explorer already browsing normal sites but trouble with dreamweaver preview?

  12. Anushka A Avatar

    THANKS !!! you are simply awsome !!

  13. Jeremy Mccomas Avatar

    thanks you have great tutorials.

  14. sang nguyen Avatar

    awsome video dude!!! very helpful !! nice and slow !!

  15. ugh yum Avatar

    it is smart that you keep your vids to 5 mins

    it is easier to work through them than other tutorials and keeps the content organized and encourages the user to click the next one!

  16. mateo ardila Avatar

    go to edit tab, preferences and check the "use css instead of html tags"

  17. magnet101 Avatar

    I don't have the links option???

  18. magnet101 Avatar

    Copy and paste?

  19. kristreyes Avatar

    If i made a link to a secondary page but i want the same format of tabs at the top as the main page, like a navigation bar and that just the content of the page changes, how do i do that?

  20. thenewboston Avatar

    are you working with cs3?

  21. thenewboston Avatar

    i will put some mroe dreamweaver tutorials up sometime this week!

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