Dreamy Glow Effect: Photoshop Tutorial

In this beginners Photoshop tutorial, we will learn how to create a soft glow dreamy effect. I’ve created a similar effect before, But I decided to update it. We’ll be working with adjustments, free brushes and your other basic tools. I hope you find use from this tutorial.

Bokeh Brushes –

Child –

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35 responses to “Dreamy Glow Effect: Photoshop Tutorial”

  1. Photoshop Tutorials Avatar

    Don't forget to subscribe for future Photoshop tutorials! 🙂

  2. Reex stewart Avatar

    atlast how to select brush 58,mine shows different brush

  3. Ruthie Madison Avatar

    What do you know! I used that same music in my book trailer!

  4. Jan Gerace Avatar

    Thank you! I've used this technique for prints.

  5. Laminovic Lamine Avatar

    i can not fin the suitable brush tool!!!! i have cs4 ans CS6!!

  6. Arjun  Sharma Avatar

    Where are these brushes you used?

  7. tajuddin khan Avatar

    can u tell which version of photoshop u r using please

  8. Igor Skvortsov Avatar

    Really nice, thank you for your videos)
    That's so nice tutorials!

  9. Tracked 79 Avatar

    Hey I want to ask you something: A tool menu from left side (where you choose rubber, pen..) disappeared and I can't add it back. Please can u (or anyone) help me to solve my problem
    BTW Nice video and my menu disappeared while l was doing this and now l can't make my picture betrter

  10. Sohanur Rahman Avatar

    can you please give this PS software link? ☺

  11. Prabin Dngol Avatar

    i stuck at Bokeh Brush. I think My PhotoshopCC doesnt have ? BTW what was Bokeh Brush No.?

  12. Christophel Simanjuntak Avatar

    Woww, the nice Editing. Subscribe 100.000.000 K For Gold Play Button

  13. ÃŁҎĒÑĬĐẐĖ Avatar

    You are nice girl/boy 😉 and you have best tutorials

  14. NorthlandDWJ Avatar

    Hey if anyone needs help with editing a picture send me a message through youtube and I'll try and help. developing skills in photoshop.

  15. 3mmar 3llam Avatar

    Where's the main pic!?

  16. Randomguys Avatar

    very useful,nice!!

  17. AWESOME 117 Avatar

    bro good video, so you're still the best, soy mexicano

  18. Xain Qureshi Avatar

    hey u r great man keep it up these videos is very helpful. I want u to make a Christmas lighting bhokeh effect in a pic plz

  19. Neko Avatar

    first rate tutorial !

  20. PixPig Avatar

    This is awesome! Where did you learn photoshop?

  21. 449new Avatar

    Intrestingly I'm working on a photo with that effect right now, thanks for the tips

  22. Cesar Acosta Avatar

    yesss! yesss! you are the best! keep your vídeos

  23. crispin owuor Avatar

    im making this one tonight

  24. Riothebeast Avatar

    Man you make the best tutorials ever! Very clear and easy to follow! Nice video man! Keep up the good work!

  25. Vlad Chira Avatar

    <3 Keep up the good Work

  26. Maik influenzE Avatar

    yeeaahh!!! vielen dank dudes!:))

  27. DimonLifeShow Avatar

    лайк если русский

  28. Kuroi Kenshi Avatar

    Your tutorials are so fast and goods

  29. MusicBuzz Avatar

    thank you. why unlisted?

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