Easy cool portrait photo effects | photoshop tutorial

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In this photo effect tutorial i will show you how you can create a really messy and beautiful photo effect without using any third party brush or textures.

First we will create a brush inside photoshop, and then customize that brush to create this particular effect.

After that i ll show you how to adjust the colors of this pic with just one single layer and then create quick lighting effect to finish it.

So, I hope you learned something from this photoshop tutorial and as always if you have any questions feel free to ask me in the comments, and have some fun with photoshop 🙂


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28 responses to “Easy cool portrait photo effects | photoshop tutorial”

  1. AkatsukiTG Avatar

    wow nice i learn we can register the preset of the brushes, very cool for save preset for special effect

  2. Laura :3 Avatar

    This was so helpful for my A level graphics thank you so much 10/10

  3. Shivam Dixit Avatar

    it works on photoshop cc 15 or not???

  4. Florian Krause Avatar

    Hi, di you have a link or an information for me where I can get so much brushes?

  5. Florian Krause Avatar

    Great, is it possible with Photoshop Elements 15?

  6. rot rose Avatar

    So great, really thank you!

  7. montse alba Avatar

    Hello, my name is Montserrat Alba, Im studying communication, and I want to ask you if you can give me a tip of how can I use Photoshop in a better way.
    Right now I am learning how to use Photoshop, but I want to learn more with the tips that you can give me.

    tank you.

  8. max lamberts Avatar

    Nice tutorial! When I've completed the "Brush-setup" it doesn't work.. nothing appears on the screen..

  9. Demi Videos Avatar

    thats awesome, the tutorial is nice, but you should make a tutorial like this, but for beginners, in those videos, explain exactly what every effect does, like count jitter or whatever it was called.

  10. punith c Avatar

    do we need to buy Photoshop to use define brush preset

  11. salman khan Avatar

    hi. can u plz tell me photoshop versions i think 6s?

  12. Caroline Eulália Avatar

    I have a problem in 5:10 minutes, my brush rotates and don't colour the image

  13. sports dawn Avatar

    I am From Pakistan and I love U Buddy and Your work

  14. Bhuvnesh Meena Avatar

    Any app for this ??

  15. Lightnin Avatar

    This Method is now out dated sadly :/ I don't know what to do.

  16. C McD Avatar

    Another very easy to follow tutorial. Thank you.

  17. John Killer #*70A4Q%20 Avatar

    is any one here who cn help me editing a photo♣♠♥

  18. Humphrey Bravo Avatar

    this is so educative
    more tutorial please

  19. Aashay Surve Avatar

    I've been learning a lot from your channel lately bro. You're doing a great job there. Keep it up ! :

  20. heera ansari Avatar

    nice work bro…….
    bro can u send me a link of your adobe cs6 plz…

  21. Ananth iyappan Avatar

    More photoshop effect,light tutorial upload

  22. ankur dutta Avatar

    you're a really good teacher,i watched all of ur videos,you helped me alot and also inspired,

  23. Lyndsey Whittle Avatar

    why will it not work for me? I have been clicking away on the mask layer and still her face won't show. pfff

  24. Diane Isanan Avatar

    I like your accent. :p Thanks! Great and good tutorial. Hope to learn more from your tutorials! 🙂

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